Sunday, July 31, 2011


I think 'the Dude' was here...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I shuffled my workouts around.... to make time for date night and a fun ride!

I got new socks! -no, not what the blog is really about... Handsome managed to walk by as I was taking the photo, apparently.....

So, I moved today's swim to Wed.... Wednesday's run to Friday, blah, blah.... the point is I don't HAVE to do any biking, running or swimming today - a weekend day OFF! So excited! Tucker and I went out to dinner to Black Pearl on Friday night - I highly recommend this place - everything is fresh and delicious! They have an inviting front patio to eat on which was perfect in the summer air last night!

Today we got up and prepared for our Red Rider 'training' ride - it's more about community than an actual training ride. Tucker and I rode our bikes to REI (2 miles from the house) where we met 3 other Red Riders and one Type 3 supporter (a non-diabetic dealing with one of us!). We set out down the Cherry Creek bike path and ended up doing 14 miles round trip (with the group - 18 total for the two of us) with a stop at Illegal Pete's to people watch, talk, eat and drink! It was a rough ride for me. my BG was 44 when we arrived at REI and I never saw anything more than 103 the entire ride - ate 88 grams of carbs and took no insulin - and arrived for lunch with BG of 84!!! woot! diabetes success, I think.

Tomorrow I have a 65 mile bicycle ride followed by a 13 mile run. I am hoping to go to boulder VERY early in the morning and ride on the half ironman course that I will be racing on next weekend! I would like to be there about 6:30 and hope to be done in time to get home, have a shower and make dinner.

We'll see how it goes though!

That's about all I know right now. I'm very tired.... but still LOVE every minute on my bike - even the 3 rides up to the top of Red Rocks Amphitheater on Thursday!Link

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ah... Wisconsin!

I spent last weekend in Wisconsin with most of Team WILD, riding, running and swimming. The riding and swimming were done on the ACTUAL IRONMAN courses and the run was back to Kathy's house after the swim with a little getting lost.

All in all, the Garmin GPS watch reports - 101 miles of biking, 9 miles of running and 1.8 miles of swimming (it's WAY off in the water.... our estimate is 1.4mi).

Not bad and all to get me ready for the big race in, GULP, 6.5 weeks!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Work on a Saturday?

I had to head into work today, so I might as well have a good time right?

I headed up and bought lunch for those who were working with me on a Saturday, headed out around 3. Karyn was riding the Ironman course in Madison today. I hope she had a better day than I did.

Heading back home, I decided I would make the trip a little longer and head over to Boulder. I needed a re-fill, so I stopped at the gas station outside Eldorado springs. For those of you who know it, it's at the base of the climb out of Boulder on 93, it was a good place to stop.

Filling up the water bottles and picking up some gatoraide it was over 95 degrees. I started to head out, and found I had a flat tire. Some inspection, I found a .25 inch metal object in the tire. I patched it and borrowed 75 cents to fill the tire at the station.

I climbed the hill out of town, and found another guy replacing his tire. He was set, so I headed south. After a while the tire began to leak, I used a CO2 on it, and headed on my way. A short while later, I stopped to change the tire. I put on a patched tire I had been carrying for a while, using the second CO2, I found that was leaky.... worse than the first...

I put back in the first patch and luckily someone stopped. I asked if they had a pump. She gave me a ride to her place just a little way down the road, and even loaned me a tire.

Homeward bound arriving after 7pm. Thanks for the help Pam.

All in all ~80 miles.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tucker has been doing all the posting.... why?

Well, Karyn is NINE weeks from the start line at Ironman Wisconsin so been busy swimming, biking, running and nursing injuries (somewhere between 20 and 35 hours per week! yikes!!!!!).
First, surgery for frozen shoulder in March that started refreezing!  There seems to be thawing and a whole lot less pain so I attempted my race yesterday which was 1500m swim/ 40k bike / 10k run - .9ish mi swim/ 26 mi bike / 6 mi run. The swim was very slow but I have only been swimming for about 3 weeks because of the shoulder.

I wanted a 4 hour finish and expected a 4:30 finish. My actual time? 4:10. My swim was 3 min slower than I expected even though it felt faster..... my bike was faster than I figured although not as fast as I thought. My run? what a disaster. sooo slow. I have a neuroma in my foot - an irritated nerve, essentially. Feels like shards of glass being shoved through the ball of my foot with every footstrike. argh! So, all things considered - shoulder and foot. I am more than happy and my first Boulder Peak = PR!!!! I was also much faster than my Olympic distance swim, bike and run last year - 4:3...something.

Now I have a new bike and I'm ready to kick some a$$! Look out for me in a month at the Boulder 70.3 (half Ironman for those that don't know - 70.3 miles)!!! I can't wait and just want to have fun - seriously, this whole thing is about having fun.

Diabetes? Race day was a disaster and I don't know why and neither do my teammates (all of whom have type 1 diabetes). The three of us that did this race - all different diabetes strategies and different results! argh! This disease is soooo frustrating!

Hope to have more postings - and more that are about non-triathlon stuff.....


Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July!!!

Well, I (Karyn) have been skiing for 10 years now and this is the first time I have EVER skied on the 4th of July! The day started out early with a couple of triathletes (me and Becky) getting in our swimming at the Copper Recreation Center at Copper Mountain Ski Resort! We put in our yardage and time, got showered, drove home and hit the slopes!

Tucker and I ended up in different cars but both of us got into the lower lot, very close to the slope and our other friends. Becky and Russ? Not so fortunate and ended up not getting a parking spot at all - although they were only about 10 minutes behind us. Weird. But it was certainly busy.... this was the lift line at the upper lift!

Weird? Skiing on the 4th of July -and it was GREAT skiing!!! At least until it warmed up and the rocks came right through. Really.... it was GREAT snow! Absolutely amazing and so happy that I got my 95 mile bike and 2 mile run out of the way on Sunday so I could swim and ski on Monday!

HEre are more pix.

Vail Pass with Becky

Training for the copper triangle. And just getting out for a ride.
65 miles