Monday, May 25, 2015

Booger Brown, 6/3/2001-5/22/2015

Booger left us for kitty heaven on Friday afternoon after months of battling some sort of cancer.  He was purring and happy on Thursday (5/21) with a visit to the vet that revealed lymphocyte value of 17,000.  Normal is 1k-2k in a kitty.  He was also developing multiple skin lesions (I could see his muscles....).    But, we stitched him up and took him home with the stitches bandaged up -
I got out a sleeping bag and curled up next to him with my hand on him, listening to him purr while I tried to sleep through the night.  He got up several times during the night to go to the bathroom, get food and get water.  He seemed pretty 'normal'.

Friday morning I got up early and said good morning to him - as I always do - and he didn't lift his head up.   When I returned home that afternoon he was standing up and whining and then laying back down.  I petted him but could not get him to purr any more.  I knew it was time when I left that morning and this made it even more clear.  I gave him some pain killers (left over from the triceps tear), called the vet and a couple of hours later I had his collar and sweet memories of my baby.

For the past 2 months he had been getting acupuncture for his torn triceps and anemia.  He LOVED it.  He looked so relaxed and purred the whole time during his sessions with Dr. Brown.

I'm not sure what his big brother Handsome is going to do without him -

Or maybe I do.....  This was a photo on Saturday of Jaspurr and Handsome

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A week at Galena (backcountry ski lodge) - March 22-28

We have done these heli ski trips a few times but this was the first time at this lodge for most of the people in our group!

We did a 'fusion' trip this time which is 3 days of heli skiing and 3 1/2 days of helicopter assisted backcountry skiing.  Heli-assist backcountry means that they take you out at the beginning of the day and pick you up at the end.  The rest of the time you are skinning and skiing on your own.   I (Karyn) found this to be a magical mixture of the skiing that I enjoy and will try to do this type of trip again!

In no particular order....  days of heli and hiking......

A day at Revelstoke! - March 20th

I know.  You've been waiting.....
Revelstoke resort was 42% open due to (lack of) snow conditions.   They gave us a generous 25% discount on lift tickets due to this......

The snow was pretty good in most places but little coverage left rocks, stumps, etc exposed for us/our skis to find.

I would like to go back when they have good snow.   This mountain would be challenging and amazing!!

Not much snow in town, waiting for the shuttle to take us to the resort.....

 Not much snow at the base.....  (2 gondola rides to get to the snow)

But not so bad at the top!

On our way to the backcountry - March 21st - and some backcountry.....

Our guide service picked us up at the hotel and put us on a bus.........  for several hours.   Suzy, Bill, Sperry and Dave were already on the bus so we had more company!

Ah, a ferry - my first ride on one!  (and my opportunity to find out that I - Karyn - can get seasick on anything, anywhere.  blech.

The bus dropped us at the helipad......   which had more dirt and mud than snow (not good for a ski trip!)
The heli picked us up and took us to the backcountry lodge.
We took off into the backcountry....  skins on and ready to go!
Except there are whiteout conditions and our guides seem suddenly concerned that a heli won't be able to pick us up in these conditions so they get us comfy and warm.
The skies cleared and hiking we went!   Whooo hooo!  Beautiful views to be had and wonderful weather (in the end).

We packed up for the day and the helicopter picked us up and took us back to the lodge!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Another Powder Day!

Another Powder day at the basin 6".  We went up to raise some money for the Tour de Cure Colorado.  Meme picked up 250 donated breakfast burritos, and the tour team came with the flags.  

We arrived and it was pounding snow, I was glad we had the tent and heater in the back of the truck! It was a hit!

The snow finally settled down about lunch time and we had a lot of success giving out the burritos and spreading the word about Tour.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Cinco de Mono

Cinco de Mono  
by Tucker Brown
Cinco de Mono 2015!  -- A regional gathering of like minded monoskiers!

Every year we get together at Arapahoe Basin on the first Saturday in May.  We take to the slopes to put our monoski impulses at bay… but only for the day.  We were 23 strong this year, marking the 12th event!  We added a not too shabby 2 converts, but the interest for the sport in lift lines was phenomenal.  It wouldn’t be a beach party at the basin if the weather wasn’t threatening, but only a few snow showers forced us to bundle up.  The snow finally started coming in April; leaving us with excellent conditions for slop.  The grill was hopping with brats, burgers and Kabobs!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Booger goes to the vet.

Booger tore his tricep about 2 months ago and for the past month we've been treating it using acupuncture.

Here he is during....

And after,  on the way home.   (Fast asleep a few minutes later.)