Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting ready for Canada eh?

Time to mount up some new bindings

Both the Hagan Dolphin's and the Phat Luv's got new 7tms...

And if you look closely, you'll see an edge and sidewall fix on the white knuckle/ Vegi board.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Great weekend!?!?!

While Karyn is resting up...  I'll tell the story.

Karyn's been training for several months for her 'first' Marathon.  Some of you saw the posting from September 2011that recorded the fact that Karyn 'moved swiftly and efficiently from aid station to aid station' for a total distance of 26.2 miles during an IronMan.

This year she attempted to run for 26.2 miles.

She signed up for the Rock and Roll Marathon on a challenge from her brother Karl.  They were to meet up January 20, 2013 to run together.

Her training went well, and on the 19th she got up early for a flight.  (I got up a little later...)

I headed out about 6:30 to KBJC.
Some great views along the way.

I arrived about 12:30 in Glendale, and called Karyn for a ride...

The next morning we got up early to drop Karyn at the full Marathon start, and Karl at the 1/2 Marathon start.

Of course the driving around there was crazy, so Melissa showed her crazy by making a ton of great signs for the course.
Melissa and I proceeded to be those anoying spectators that drove around cheering at random people and providing what we hoped were humorous signs...
The first pass of Karyn on the full course.
Second Pass
Crazyness on the 1/2 course...
Beat the dragon and get a free dinner!?!?!

Guess who missed the free dinner!
Karl on the first pass.
3rd pass: I had brought my folding bike along so I would have a better chance of spectating...  I split off with Melissa so she could return to the finish to meet up with Karl, and I rode around elsewhere on the course checking in on Karyn..
The Athletes!!!
The aftermath...

Karyn and I headed out to meet some fellow athletes, including a couple from Denver...  We ended up at this really interesting steakhouse, wait in line, order, pickup, and sit by the fire in the back listening to live music...

Karyn decided to test her luck with me on the way home.  Planned a stop in Gallop to stretch our legs, and get some fuel.
We headed out just as the sun was rising.

Got back in 4.2 hours!  Both times Karyn got out of the plan, we had to pry her free, and drag her in the building since her legs weren't ready to face the day...

The sign totals:   The "SIGN" got the most overall comments...  Of course the "worst parade ever" followed by the "where are the floats" was second place...  But honorable mention goes to "Mortuary ahead, look ALIVE" got me in a photo op...  Some lady's father is a mortician...

I'll have Karyn add her stats: