Thursday, March 23, 2017

Haute Route Preparation

Time for some preparation.  2 weeks before the trip and I don't even have my skis and bindings setup.

I did requisition some equipment from Jim and Tracy to help offset the otherwise purchase of equipment potentially a 1 time use situation.

 In February Karyn had her setup ready.  Mocha helped out quite a bit.

 But it was very exhausting...
 Karyn skied several days on her ski setup for the Haute Route.  The skis worked as planned.  Jay, Ingrid and I listened to some discussions about packing and equipment for ski touring in Colorado at our local backcountry store.
 But finally 2 weeks prior to the trip my skis arrived (via e-bay and a local pickup by my dad).  Time to set up, and again I had help.  Apparently it wasn't quite as exhausting...
 We met up with the full group for an equipment check.  Jay was already attached to Ingrid, but they definitely sealed the deal...
 The last part of prep was adding anti-balling plates to the crampons.  These are pretty critical for warm snow applications.  They prevent soft snow from building up on the bottom of the boot which can cause the crampons to be unable to touch the snow.  What happens then?  A dangerous slide...
Jim to the rescue again with some 4mm rubber and I used some bailing wire to attach.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spain and Utah!

Karyn was recruited for another work travel trip to Spain.  She invited me along, but I still had to attend Monopalooza in Utah, so we added a few days on.

 We got out of town a little later than the plan, we got a room in Meeker in an old hotel.  It was pretty nice, and the storm rolled in overnight.
 When we got to Utah the snow was good!

 Gus let us stay over, we had some cute matching hoodies!

 The snow kept coming in, the day I dropped Karyn at the airport I got to Snowbird (after a replacement alternator) about 11am to 12 inches, and skied until it was 20 inches.  I was just loving the Gad2 lift!

 More great skiing at Brighton with some Monoskier friends!

 Reed let me park my car at his house for my Spain part of the trip.  His original monoski with broken tip, he added some reinforcement...
 Yep, I don't know either, but when I ordered I didn't know what I was going to get.  This was sort of a sparkling wine low ABV, with a very special cup...

 Two weeks of work finally complete!

We stopped at the MotoGP track in Seville, but there wasn't much to see in the winter...
We spent a couple days in Madrid to see the sights.  The Spanish royalty no longer lives in the Palace, but it still looks great! 

We flew back to pick up the car in Utah, and skied Park City, and A-Basin on the way home

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monopalooza 2017

Monopalooza 2017 based in Salt Lake City.

We skied Park City, Canyons, Alta and Snowbird.

We had a great turnout this year again!

 This is a first (as far as I can tell) Sean in a selfie but not taking the pic!

 Reed with his first Monoski, and showing the reinforcements after a broken tip!
 Powder testing was great at Brighton!

 The snow was great!  Snowbird!
 Powder Mountain, Thanks Mike and Denver!