Sunday, November 27, 2011

Riding's not over!!!


As traffic was building on I-70, Karyn and I had some different plans... We stayed around the house to catch up on some missed summer activity time.

The temps hit 60 at noon, so we hopped on our bikes.

You know with the solstice less than a month away, we've got to get home early. I tied this up in 2 hours.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yep, this started out with a quick ride home from the mountains, somewhere in the middle we bottled some home brew.

In the end, thanks Levi and Sarah, we ended up at the Browns for the turkey dinner.

Uneventful, but we did fry turkey. Perhaps one event was that this was the best cooked fried Turkey I've made. Hope everyone enjoyed!

Jeanie got all the pix, as you can imagine my hands were full with the turkey...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

La Fondue?

Monday Sacha and Jen showed up, visiting on a family trip.

I'm not sure how they got things sorted out to grab a hotel in Keystone for the few days they were here, but that didn't stop us from making some turns!

Wednesday after Karyn got off work we headed up to meet Jen who was managing the family.

Sacha, Karyn and I got a few runs from 4:00-5:30 before she got free to hang with us.

I'd say we took one more run, but we didn't... This run consisted of Gondola rides and some Fondue. A small surprise for Jen, but she loved it!

We had a short spell sitting in the stopped gondola on the ride up, but was recovered with free hot drink coupons. They told us we couldn't get 'hot apple pies' with the coupon... Somebody should have tried.

With this delay and the second bottle of wine, we didn't make it back to the front side for the ski down, but no one cared much.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Basin the old fashion way!

Skiing at the Basin.

The storm rolled in while we were driving over, they didn't claim any snow yesterday morning, but you could tell the conditions had improved with the fresh snow. We showed up at noon after driving from Vail.

High winds had taken out the power. This was old school. The lifts were open running on Diesel, and they had 3 options for lunch.
Hot Dogs
Cold Sandwiches

The lady at the cash register was using one of those old school credit card slides. Chunk chunk...

I said, "it's a good thing we still have this old equipment around for times like this..."

She said "I've never seen one of these before today."

The bar was still open... CO2 still works when the power is out!!!
Karen and Tony joined us. Alex too, but the pic didn't.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This past weekend or Halloween 2011

Halloween was 'celebrated' once on Saturday night for a dress up party -

Saturday and Sunday mornings we got in our first ski runs of the season (well, mine... tucker went the previous weekend as well but thought that 2 weeks out of foot surgery would be pushing it and I, instead, waited for it to be THREE weeks out from foot surgery). The skiing went well but crowded.

We celebrated on Monday night for our 'anniversary' - before an actual signed document that meant we were 'married' (yes common law marriage doesn't lend itself well to anniversaries...) we had to pick a date. We chose Oct 31st. It was the first date that I remember thinking Tucker might actually like me - of course, I was on a date with another guy but that is a whole other story ;)

We walked up to our favorite neighborhood restaurant... had dinner and walked home. Good enough for us. We do tend to be low key, after all.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bike trailer trip 2 to Irvine

The trailer is working much better after the redesign.

In this pic the trailer is loaded with ~45 lbs of gear.