Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year our Christmas started early... We headed out from Denver to Aspen on the 20th. Arriving early enough to grab a bite to eat and meet up with Faas and MJ. Of course a place of their recommendation...

Saturday we started early in the fresh snow in Aspen Highlands, after meeting up with Faas who graciously offered to be our mountain guide.
The view off the top of highlands, headed out for the Bowl.  If you look closely, there is quite a line of hikers.

Becky and Russ showed up to join us Saturday night and skiing Sunday.  Becky got her Christmas gift from Karyn and had to demonstrate...  A neoprene wool lined swim cap.

On the hill Sunday we got a great shot from the top of Ajax.

In the mens room at the restaurant that boasts the waffles (which we missed by 10 minutes) we found an old school Mono Pic!

CMH is everwhere...

After skiing we grabbed a couple beers in one of the local joints Faas' normal place.  They even have a Stanley Cup!

Faas invited us to his place for Dinner, a Great spread!  Quite a treat for some traveling skiers!

Monday we got up early to hike into McNamara Hut.  We parked at the upper parking lot, and after getting ready with some dog walkers visiting we hit the trail...  We discussed the map and trail markers, and followed the trail.  After 1/2 mile we passed the Benedict hut trail and ran into the dog walkers, who pointed us back toward the trail to McNamara. 

We arrived at the hut ~2:30, and 6.5 on the mileage.  We had planned for about that time with only 5 miles of hiking...

A group of 9 passed us on the way out, and some while Karyn was taping up her ankle due to blisters... 

We were a group of 4 expecting 5 others, but only 3 more showed.  It was nice and Quiet... 

It wouldn't be a normal hut trip if we didn't get any skiing in...  The conditions were the most stable I've seen in Colorado back country in a long long time.  Conditions were safe up to 35 degree slopes.  But this trip we only had gentle 15-20 degree slopes.  But the Pow was great!

It's always important to bring your recipe along...  Biscuits and Gravy for Christmas Breakfast!

We had some work to do on the hike out.  I was putting skins on for this stretch!  But just look at the view!

Another Great Christmas Hut! And some much appreciated local friends for hanging out with us!

Monday, December 9, 2013

TDDoC day 4

When Karyn worked at Lockheed Martin there was a beer club.  She didn't know about it and so never participated in any of the events.   After she left she got some emails and attended a few events.

The favorite event of the year is the Twelve Drinking Days of Christmas (TDDoC).   A new restaurant is chosen each working day for the 12 working days leading up to Christmas week (which Lockheed employees get the entire week off). 

Today was day 4 and Karyn was the scribe.  The scribe must record all the fun and the points (you get one point for each event you show up to).  Quotes must also be included.   The scribe may then pick the next evening's location.

Here is the message that went out to the TDDoC people tonight -
As always the TDDoC peeps were in rare form but so were others in the bar.

There was the woman with the earrings that started the dinosaur imitations.  Sadly, for her, my google search for a photo of them led me to this website (anytime costumes.  I don't believe she thought they were part of a costume).  These are close except hers were silver-ish colored and were almost long enough to reach her armpits.

They reminded us of this - you remember this guy - he killed Newman.
JaneyPants did his best imitation - as did we all (but I couldn't take photos while 'doing the dino pose')
Okay.  That's all for the photos.... don't want to overwhelm your smartie-pants phones.
Derek arrived about 4:30 and I got there about 5.... The Mazzas arrived about 6.... and so it went.....
Not all of tonight's favorite quotes came from the TDDoC crew but here ya go!
  • Do you want to touch my furry xmas balls?  My 4 year old grandsons love these.   Sometimes I wipe their drool with my balls
  • Canuck is a breed of whale or an Indian tribe. 
  • It's so big!  I have a problem using one of this size.
  • Oh, that's to keep it from sticking?!?!?
  • Anyone want rotating parts?
  • Derek is disappointed by people that miss record breaking field goals because they have to pee.
  • Dilophosaurus is spotted at Old C's.  (google that)
  • The long part of the butterfly came down to here and I couldn't drink a beer.
  • You backed your way into it.
  • Women have pink nuts on their trucks.
  • A guy at the game was wearing tit ear muffs.  You could tell it was cold out.
  • One taste of Kathleen's nuts and he needs a room.
  • They reopened the hole and I got all excited.   Like Star Wars with all the teeth.
  • Brown.  It's like 'Bro' with a couple extra letters.
  • Ditka Sliders.  They come with giardia.  I'm not sure you want them.
  • I want to put on a bunny suit and be the person allowed to touch it before it achieves orbit.
  • There is no point.  There is no spoon.
Points, you ask?
Cissie O. - 4
Derek H. - 4
Dave M. - 3
Carol M. - 3
Fred “Lake Powell” G. – 3

Mo  - 2
Darling Karyn - 2
Renee Mc. -2
Kathleen - 2
Janeypants - 2

Melissa M. – 1
Carrie H. -1
Genni C. – 1
Doug M. – 1
Tucker - 1
Dave G. - 1
Ben - 1

Megan W - 1
Jason - 1

Hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Fainting Goat!

846 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(303) 945-2323