Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Hut 2014 - Margy's! (again)

So, every year for many years we have joined friends in the backcountry of Colorado at a ski-in hut for Christmas.  This year was not (much) different.

We were headed to Margy's hut this year with Karen, Tony, Russ and Becky.... However, a few days of in-resort skiing before lead to a completely torn ACL for Karen and so only  5 of us made it to the hut.

The last time we went to this hut it was almost news worthy.  This time, we sailed in with ease and got set up - although the last group left us NO WATER which took hours to rectify and we were almost all out from the hike in.

Great Christmas dinner the first night!
Views off the front deck.

The 2nd day we had company - lots of boots!

Karen spent Christmas in Aspen enjoying the views and her Santa hat!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

We ran into some Browns....

Karyn and I were heading over to the SNC holiday party, and just before entering we ran into 'the Browns'.   Brian and Stacy were heading out to a surprise birthday party...  So we got to catch up, and a quick photo.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another trip to California

Mandatory training...  Well I can make use of my off time.  I was out at the Fremont, CA office, but after training I was able to meet up with Mark!   I was able to finally meet his wife Sarai.

The picked a nice Sushi place.  It was almost like being in Japan.