Monday, May 31, 2010

Bolder Boulder

Today Karyn and I had different plans. She was all signed up for the Bolder Boulder with her training coach's team.

She got up at 5:00 am and hit the road to meet up with the bus for a ride up to the start line.

I got up a little later and hit the bike. My plan was to get to the finish line just about the time she was finishing.

Karyn finished in just over an hour, and I finished in about an hour 50, at 29 miles. But instead of meeting her at the finish line, I headed straight for the young Alumni BBQ. Karyn joined shortly.

Both had a good day.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Map of the Ride

This was a fun ride!

Sunday, May 30th..... what can I say?

So, this morning we got up and did 'normal' stuff and then headed up to Arapahoe Basin for some turns on our monoskis - yep, I did ride a mono instead of teles and that is because of the amazing float of the larger surface area of the mono in slushy snow. (yep, just a 'little' geeky there)

Then we were off for a mountain bike ride in Frisco with our friends!!! About 11 miles and 3 hours later we were all done and headed back to home.....

For those that don't know, Tucker and I 'trade' weeks of cooking. It works really well... starts on Sunday night and ends on Saturday night but I had some time and ingredients so I cooked tonight as well - before my BIG day that starts at 5 am tomorrow to run the Bolder Boulder 10K!!!!

Tonight's dinner was lobster, sun-dried tomato and goat cheese pizza... all low carb and DEFINITELY low cal and low fat - taken/adapted from Weight Watchers!!!
Here is the finished product - I'm still in my bike clothes as I 'write' this!

At least if my bike 'clothes' include the Strawberry Shortcake band-aid as a result of a 2X6 scraping across my shin as we set out to pack the car this morning?!?!?!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The many uses of duct tape!

---quick blog, had a couple of minutes between bootcamp and swim lesson ;)----

So, my good friends - knowing my love of the color PINK - bought me PINK duct tape!!! Whoo hooo! The typical use of duct tape for this crew is on your ski pole for backcountry repairs....

OR on your binding to reduce/eliminate ice buildup....

This was my first use of the PINK duct tape - sorry, guys, I know you wanted to see it on a ski pole first.... quite frankly, SO DID I!!!!!!!!!!

*new window arrives today*

Sunday, May 23, 2010


We helped out the Brinkman, Emerle, Holsehouser's paint this weekend... I didn't get too many good pix, but I did manage to get a couple irresistible shots of David:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cross Country Motorcycling

Have you heard of "The Dragon's Tail"?

If Yes, you're probably a sport bike rider... This is a well known sport bike ride. It's only 11 miles, it's only 318 hairpin turns... WOW!

This week a friend of mine stopped in town. He was on his way to "The Dragon's Tail". Well that was just one of his stops (as was Denver) on his way to New York... Where is he coming from? Orange County CA, south of LA.

He was 2 days in and just over 1000 miles, 1000 more to Nashville. And he's still not there, but close enough for a day trip.

Some cool links:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moab, Sunday!!! Mountain Bike time!!!!!

What happens when 2 very happy, energetic couples decide to mountain bike on a Sunday afternoon??? More happy and maybe less energetic in the end, but I doubt that with these 4!

Sunday we all headed out to a trail we had never tried before 'Baby Steps'. According to the trail description I had it was rated upper-intermediate to advanced. If this it true then I am a MUCH better mountain biker than I ever imagined cause it was actually pretty easy :)

Nothing better than some pics to show you what it was all about!

then the LONG drive home to Denver - about 6 hours - just in time for a shower and phone calls to moms for Mother's Day wishes! Luv you guys!!

Moab, Sunday... 4X4 trip

Sunday morning, Mother's Day, we headed off to Cliffhanger - a 4X4 trail rated 4+ on the Red Rock 4X4 rating scale (Fins and Things was 3.5). After watching Jake navigate just the first obstacle we decided to abandon Tucker's Jeep at the trailhead - at least we knew where the winch was!

I don't have many pics of this adventure as I left my camera in the red Jeep.... but got some of the first/final obstacle on the way out as Jake got really, really, really stuck - note the bumper on the ground and him not in the Jeep...? Then the red Jeep gets to play with the winch and get him out and on his way to spend Mother's Day with his beautiful wife - see next posting for mountain bike adventures!

and, yes, this is really what it looked like... no skewed camera angles this time....

No backing up at this point so let's get the winch going!

One tug with the winch and we were all on our way again!

Moab, Saturday... 4X4 trip #2

The parents, Sarah and Levi and Erin and Jake now had baby/couple time while Tucker, Alex and I went to try Fins and Things.....

another 4X4 trail that said stock vehicles could do it, no problem, at least on the trail description that we had. a 'fin' is a slickrock formation.... basically vertical... but no problem for these boys! The Wrangler and the Cherokee, as well as the drivers, performed beautifully!

It started out interesting but not challenging...

But the view from my seat was a bit much.... or a bit too little? Where does the horizon go?
The up, not so challenging.... The down, that's another story.

Very little damage was experienced by these Jeeps on this trip - a small gas tank bang, tow hook and license plate drag between the two, is all.

Back to the condo to join everyone for a Mexican Fiesta dinner to celebrate being with friends near-ish Cinco de Mayo (no camera so no pics of dinner... boo)

Moab, Saturday... 4X4 trip #1

So, we all got up and got out to the trail. We had to modified Cherokees, a stock Wrangler and a stock 4-Runner... and a, um, 1 year old (he's actually 13 months!)!
There was really only ONE obstacle.... this trail was so easy that even a Grand Cherokee could do it - in fact, we saw a few at our lunch spot!

This hill looked impossible.... but not as bad as some we had yet to see that day or on Sunday!

Jake raced up it with ease!

and everyone else followed!

We found a lovely overlook and hiked around a bit and took some pictures... then home to Erin and decide what to do next!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Last week....

So, last week we did a little of this....

and a little of that....

and finished with this and that....

So we could go to Moab with our friends!!!!