Monday, June 12, 2017

Rods and Wings

There was a cool flyin and car show at Rocky Mountain Metro, just a few of the best.
Nice flight line up on the right they flew in, on the left not so much.  Nice 2002 pretty original
This guy just out for a flight.
I have seen one of these p-51s out flying...

This one does fly, but home base is KBJC so they just pulled him out.

Want to pay for a ride?  Nice plane!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cinco de Mono

Day 1 at Arapahoe Basin.  Some Crazy costumes came out!

Great parking at Loveland for Day 2.

Even the Redbull girls stopped by!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Corn Harvest

Loveland ski area holds an event intended to celebrate the spring corn snow season.  We attended this year, of course Jay's company sponsored the meat at the grill station (you did miss out).

 Not quite as expected, but the powder was great!
 I had to check on the old plaque...
 Some comfort as we headed to the last run.
We headed up for shuttle run to ski the Loveland valley.  Excellent!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A visit with some friends

Action packed Europe!  We had skied with one of our Monoski friends at Monopalooza 2017, and were talking about our Haute Route trip.  Christoph was very interested, but after some inquiry the guide was not.  Our group was larger than he liked already.

Christoph organized a meeting with another Monoski friend Remy and his wife.  We caught some trains (zug) from Zermatt to Zug where he lives.  After some catching up, we got back on some trains (zug) to Andermatt...  With guess what?

The snow was great, but somebody got tired...

Luckily Remy had a couple cats that we could play with.  Remy says you can only have as many cats as you have hands...  Their cats proved to each need at least 1 hand almost all the time...
On our way back to Geneva, we heard cousin Janet and Kalena were in Zurich.  So we organized a cup of coffee which ended up in a walking tour and some Swiss Chocolate. Yummm.  Of course we stopped by the 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Haute Route

I could spend several hours discussing everything on the trip.  Russ is working on a Video to capture the experience, but here is a short clip that captures some of it.

A few comments on equipment...  I had a couple runs on hard-pack snow to test out my skis.  Conditions were as expected with these skis.  I mounted the bindings forward to account for hard-pack conditions, but I was probably an inch forward too far.  Kick turns were easy for me, but skiing slush was not easy.  Eventually I may post another story about the rest of the equipment failure on the trip...

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Zany Sunday 2017

Another flawless execution of Zany Sunday (but I had help).    
  Phyllis as usual showed up with all the fixings for the 'staple' Bloody Marys.  I brought in a few things.   Ben and Paige brought a lot of the party for Ben's 50th.  
 After a while, things got a little Zany!
 Traci not as confident on her tele skis as her Monoski, I was able to talk her into skiing the flattest run on the Palivichini face.  I caught hell for it, but just check out that grin!

 A penny for your comments in Ben's 50 book got your one of these!
 It was a little exhausting for some...

 Happy 50!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Haute Route Preparation

Time for some preparation.  2 weeks before the trip and I don't even have my skis and bindings setup.

I did requisition some equipment from Jim and Tracy to help offset the otherwise purchase of equipment potentially a 1 time use situation.

 In February Karyn had her setup ready.  Mocha helped out quite a bit.

 But it was very exhausting...
 Karyn skied several days on her ski setup for the Haute Route.  The skis worked as planned.  Jay, Ingrid and I listened to some discussions about packing and equipment for ski touring in Colorado at our local backcountry store.
 But finally 2 weeks prior to the trip my skis arrived (via e-bay and a local pickup by my dad).  Time to set up, and again I had help.  Apparently it wasn't quite as exhausting...
 We met up with the full group for an equipment check.  Jay was already attached to Ingrid, but they definitely sealed the deal...
 The last part of prep was adding anti-balling plates to the crampons.  These are pretty critical for warm snow applications.  They prevent soft snow from building up on the bottom of the boot which can cause the crampons to be unable to touch the snow.  What happens then?  A dangerous slide...
Jim to the rescue again with some 4mm rubber and I used some bailing wire to attach.