Sunday, January 31, 2010


Really? Really? THIS was supposed to protect my oil pan and intercooler lines from damage, how?

Well, the plastic parts didn't fare so well before but thanks to the fantastic birthday gift - I'll be good now (and so will Karyn after she takes the time to install her skid plates!).

Check it!

3 cats, 1 vet = adventure !?!

so.... yesterday Tucker and gathered all the animals (3 cats) and put them in travel cages and put them in the truck for a wonderful, quiet ride to the vet - they hadn't been since August of 2008!

They meowed the WHOLE way there.... 20 minutes worth. I was SO glad when we got there and the ladies at the front desk were making their 'oh, look how cute they are!' comments because by that point I had definitely forgotten that the creatures making those ear drum bursting cries were my 'cute' animals. If you notice how we travel 2 in one cage and 1 in the other.... this is how everything at our house works so the trip was also the start to anti-anxiety meds for Jaspurr and anti-aggression meds for the boys. They all got blood tests to make sure they are healthy enough to tolerate medication. I'm not sure how long we'll need to/have to medicate or if we'll even get that far but at least we're ready! I am definitely ready for Jaspurr to stop using the kitchen sink/floor/rug as her litterbox and just go back to using the one with the boys!

We had to stop for some shopping on the way home and everyone was eerily *quiet* on the way home.... Here we are waiting for the front door to open and the cage doors to open!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Just part of the training routine!

I keep asking David if he's going to Telemark for the Talons Challenge. This is his 3rd year and my 4th. He did tele the first year, but I think it broke his pride a little.

It's tough. 24,000 vertical feet of Blacks and double blacks! That means Bumps Bumps Bumps! only one of the runs is groomed, and that's the world cup race course golden eagle, 1 pitch is 47 degrees, and let me tell you, that one is ICE.

It's pretty cool to ski that run and check out all of the rigging used for to winch groomers up the slope, there are also some large rigs for protective netting to keep skiers from sliding off into the trees.

David hasn't skied Talons on tele since his year 1, he always comes back with, "I'm not in shape for that". David, David, David... It's just part of the training routine!

This year Ed, Jayson and myself ran the list. No stops. Except for a 10 minute wait in the lift line while Grouse Mountain lift was stopped. We exited the line and ran some other runs. All said and done, I pulled into the check out tent, and while removing my skis, a family friend walked up. "Tucker, your wife kicked your [butt], she was here 40 minutes ago!" Yep, that's what you get...

We closed up at about 1:20, and headed in for the free brat and beer. Karyn had already laid claim to a table in the bar, and populated it with some friends from Iowa. It was less than 30 before David and crew came in. I was pretty beat up, and didn't need to take any more runs that day. David was in about the same shape despite taking the easy way out (alpine skis).

This year I've signed up for the Tour de Cure in August. Karyn rode last year in the 100km ride. I've never ridden over 35 miles in 1 day, and those trips are bike to work days (one way). One year I rode to and fro, and logged ~55 miles, but I had an 8 hour break in the middle, and a stop at a local pub on the way home.

I'm going to have to spend some time learning the ropes for long distance riding. I might be able to make the bike to work, just part of the training routine...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

You know you went skiing with Boomer when...

someone in the group has to carry some piece of broken equipment down the mountain.....

this was yesterday...

In the past it has been mostly bindings and parts of bindings. The ski pole? That was a new one. He'll be back out from Iowa to ski with us again in late February... we'll see what he breaks then, I guess!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday night... Tucker cooks

Tucker made dinner for our friends on Friday night and it looked so good that I just HAD to take a few pics!

Friday, January 15, 2010

This post has NOTHING to do with Handsome

It's a finger update and life in general update...

Since it took me more than 2 weeks to post about Tucker's birthday (and it wasn't a complete post at all - we also had the Emerlemanhousers over for yucky steak in Keystone with Ma and Pa Brown) but figure that everyone is probably wondering what the result of this is....

Well, after 3 weeks.... here it is... the skin has peeled off - in several different layers - from the most injured areas. Almost nothing turned black so that is a good sign that although fingertips are still numb-ish most feeling should return within 12 months. whew! Here's a peak at what the worst ones look like today. It's much like a really bad burn... freezer burn, in this case. The skin peels off and the skin underneath is red and raw. Very sensitive and just a bit strange to be explaining this to you all....

That's all for now. Karyn has signed back up with Team Wild and has a recent post as well as committing to participate in the Branson, MO 70.3 mile 1/2 IRONMAN on Sept 19, 2010! Anyone who can and wants to come out and support - I'm going to need it. No cheating this time... I'm doing all 3 events myself!

Tucker's birthday!

Tucker's birthday - 1/1/2010..... born 1/1/1977. you do the math, I can't count that high any more!

If anyone knows what that is.... please tell Tucker, he'd like to know. But for now he's pretty happy with some sheet metal! :)

just kidding... it's skid plates for his car (other pieces not shown).

Overall, I think it was a great gift!

Beyond the gift, I made him 'yucky' steak for birthday dinner along with the Krout family tradition of birthday mashed potatoes! He also loves raspberries so I whipped up some concoction that turned out really well, puff pastry, low-fat ricotta, raspberries, fat free whipped topping. It was healthy-ish and delicious!

I can't wait for my yucky steak and potatoes for my birthday in April! ;) yes Tucker that is a 'hint'!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New on the home front....

What's new on the home front? Tucker and I took turns staying home today (and tomorrow for inspections) to make sure the garage heater got installed correctly and safely. I think we succeeded.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Sled

If you have followed the posts about the hut trips, you know I normally pull in a sled. Mountain Smith made these years ago, Dad purchased it for Gargantua Bay trips in Canada.

The sled is basic plastic construction with backpack material riveted to the plastic.

There are a couple compression straps that cross over the top for compression.

If you recall last year's Christmas hut trip, we got a short ride on the back of a couple of snowmobiles from the parking lot to the trail head.

This short trip was not un-eventful. Karyn and Becky got the first rides, then Russ and I were second. We both sat on the back with sleds attached, just pulling them along. We had strapped skis and poles to the sleds so we didn't have to carry them. Just before pulling into the trailhead, my sled flipped! Yep the skis went flying, and so did the two compression straps. 3 of 4 rivets pulled.

The straps pulling led to a wider sled to haul into the hut that trip. It also led to this Christmas hut trip, my sled kept flipping over on the cross angle traverse. The sled was top heavy and nothing to hold the gear in. I think it's time to do some work on the sled.

Mom loves it when I work on stuff in the living room!

The finished product. 3 new rivets per side, with d-rings attached. Two are in line with the original straps, and one extra for good measure. I replaced 4 other rivets that had popped as well.

Now it's ready for the Section House trip!