Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

This year our Christmas started early... We headed out from Denver to Aspen on the 20th. Arriving early enough to grab a bite to eat and meet up with Faas and MJ. Of course a place of their recommendation...

Saturday we started early in the fresh snow in Aspen Highlands, after meeting up with Faas who graciously offered to be our mountain guide.
The view off the top of highlands, headed out for the Bowl.  If you look closely, there is quite a line of hikers.

Becky and Russ showed up to join us Saturday night and skiing Sunday.  Becky got her Christmas gift from Karyn and had to demonstrate...  A neoprene wool lined swim cap.

On the hill Sunday we got a great shot from the top of Ajax.

In the mens room at the restaurant that boasts the waffles (which we missed by 10 minutes) we found an old school Mono Pic!

CMH is everwhere...

After skiing we grabbed a couple beers in one of the local joints Faas' normal place.  They even have a Stanley Cup!

Faas invited us to his place for Dinner, a Great spread!  Quite a treat for some traveling skiers!

Monday we got up early to hike into McNamara Hut.  We parked at the upper parking lot, and after getting ready with some dog walkers visiting we hit the trail...  We discussed the map and trail markers, and followed the trail.  After 1/2 mile we passed the Benedict hut trail and ran into the dog walkers, who pointed us back toward the trail to McNamara. 

We arrived at the hut ~2:30, and 6.5 on the mileage.  We had planned for about that time with only 5 miles of hiking...

A group of 9 passed us on the way out, and some while Karyn was taping up her ankle due to blisters... 

We were a group of 4 expecting 5 others, but only 3 more showed.  It was nice and Quiet... 

It wouldn't be a normal hut trip if we didn't get any skiing in...  The conditions were the most stable I've seen in Colorado back country in a long long time.  Conditions were safe up to 35 degree slopes.  But this trip we only had gentle 15-20 degree slopes.  But the Pow was great!

It's always important to bring your recipe along...  Biscuits and Gravy for Christmas Breakfast!

We had some work to do on the hike out.  I was putting skins on for this stretch!  But just look at the view!

Another Great Christmas Hut! And some much appreciated local friends for hanging out with us!

Monday, December 9, 2013

TDDoC day 4

When Karyn worked at Lockheed Martin there was a beer club.  She didn't know about it and so never participated in any of the events.   After she left she got some emails and attended a few events.

The favorite event of the year is the Twelve Drinking Days of Christmas (TDDoC).   A new restaurant is chosen each working day for the 12 working days leading up to Christmas week (which Lockheed employees get the entire week off). 

Today was day 4 and Karyn was the scribe.  The scribe must record all the fun and the points (you get one point for each event you show up to).  Quotes must also be included.   The scribe may then pick the next evening's location.

Here is the message that went out to the TDDoC people tonight -
As always the TDDoC peeps were in rare form but so were others in the bar.

There was the woman with the earrings that started the dinosaur imitations.  Sadly, for her, my google search for a photo of them led me to this website (anytime costumes.  I don't believe she thought they were part of a costume).  These are close except hers were silver-ish colored and were almost long enough to reach her armpits.

They reminded us of this - you remember this guy - he killed Newman.
JaneyPants did his best imitation - as did we all (but I couldn't take photos while 'doing the dino pose')
Okay.  That's all for the photos.... don't want to overwhelm your smartie-pants phones.
Derek arrived about 4:30 and I got there about 5.... The Mazzas arrived about 6.... and so it went.....
Not all of tonight's favorite quotes came from the TDDoC crew but here ya go!
  • Do you want to touch my furry xmas balls?  My 4 year old grandsons love these.   Sometimes I wipe their drool with my balls
  • Canuck is a breed of whale or an Indian tribe. 
  • It's so big!  I have a problem using one of this size.
  • Oh, that's to keep it from sticking?!?!?
  • Anyone want rotating parts?
  • Derek is disappointed by people that miss record breaking field goals because they have to pee.
  • Dilophosaurus is spotted at Old C's.  (google that)
  • The long part of the butterfly came down to here and I couldn't drink a beer.
  • You backed your way into it.
  • Women have pink nuts on their trucks.
  • A guy at the game was wearing tit ear muffs.  You could tell it was cold out.
  • One taste of Kathleen's nuts and he needs a room.
  • They reopened the hole and I got all excited.   Like Star Wars with all the teeth.
  • Brown.  It's like 'Bro' with a couple extra letters.
  • Ditka Sliders.  They come with giardia.  I'm not sure you want them.
  • I want to put on a bunny suit and be the person allowed to touch it before it achieves orbit.
  • There is no point.  There is no spoon.
Points, you ask?
Cissie O. - 4
Derek H. - 4
Dave M. - 3
Carol M. - 3
Fred “Lake Powell” G. – 3

Mo  - 2
Darling Karyn - 2
Renee Mc. -2
Kathleen - 2
Janeypants - 2

Melissa M. – 1
Carrie H. -1
Genni C. – 1
Doug M. – 1
Tucker - 1
Dave G. - 1
Ben - 1

Megan W - 1
Jason - 1

Hope to see you all tomorrow night at the Fainting Goat!

846 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(303) 945-2323

Saturday, November 23, 2013

South Mountain

While Karyn was getting ready for the Race, Tony and I got out for a little mountain biking.

Friday, November 22, 2013

IMAZ 2013 vs IMWI 2011 - Diabetes-wise, success

The CGM data says it all -

IMAZ 2013

IMWI 2011

Ironman Signs

I promised and here they are... signs made by my friends and family

Waiting for me at the finish line - IRON KITTEH!

And the most important sign of the day - which I thought said 'Don't Diet' (race brain)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

IMAZ - the race report

Ironman Arizona - November 17, 2013
Karyn Brown – Type 1 diabetic for 23 years

Since completing Ironman Wisconsin in 2011 - - I had a better idea of what to expect and knew what I was working towards correcting from the last race.

I arrived in Phoenix the Wednesday before the race to get settled (and I couldn't work because I was so obsessed with thinking about the race)

Thursday morning we went for a quick run/jog - 2.25mi.

Friday I did pretty much nothing except check in for the race and hang out.

Saturday (the day before the race): We all went for a quick dip in the lake on Saturday morning and I was pleased to find out that 63 degree water didn't bother me - BUT a 10 minute swim as opposed to ~ 2 hour swim on Sunday morning.

Next the ladies got their bikes and checked them in.   We went back to the hotel where I got my bike ready to check.  
**Tucker and Tony went mountain biking
Tony and Tony's phone - post riding.....

I had carefully set a RACE basal pattern and planned to start it on Sunday morning.  I calculated my 100%(swim), +220%(bike) and -30%(run) basals and labeled the basal pattern as 'exercise'. I felt ready.

We had a team dinner at the hotel and then some of us headed to the pool to socialize and have a couple of beers before retiring at 8pm.


Sunday- Race Day
4:05am Woke up; blood glucose=214 - correction bolus - 1.5 units of insulin

4:50am BG = 172
Eat Breakfast – 2 whole wheat Eggo waffles, 2 Tb of peanut butter and 8oz dark chocolate almond milk (57 CHO).  FULL bolus of 3.00 units of insulin.  I WANT insulin on board at the start of the race because race anxiety/nerves drive my BG through the ROOF.

5:40am BG=73, Arrive at the start, body marking, dropped nutrition and CGM at T1/bike and nutrition at T2.  Discover a leaky valve stem and a flat tire.   Take bike to technicians.   New tube, filled tires and 'pinky' back on the rack.   *flustered* and forget to drop salt sticks in T1 bag for bike.

Head to body marking.  Take off Team Wild jacket and find that my tri top zipper has failed.  It is attached at my belly button and my chin.  It is flapping in the wind.  I cannot do this for 16+ hours.  I have a spare tri top if I can get a hold of Tucker in time.

6:10am - BG = 73 - out of transition and freaked out.  No tri top means naked biking and running - well, sports bra but come on.  I use Karen L's cell phone and call Tucker - he hasn't left the hotel and assures me he'll make it with the tri top - or Susie can give it to me in T1.   I'm calmed but not much.

I eat a gel (27g CO) cause I have a lot of insulin on board and don't want to get in the water like that.

6:25am Headed to get into the water, and checked my blood one last time, 111. Confident in my plan and the insulin on board (approx 1 unit) and knowing my usual habit of going low in the water but going high with stress (like race starts) I let it go and headed down.  *New to my plan this year was to eat a banana going into the water since I was going to spend ~2 hours without food or water - this worked!

7:00am - Swim 2.4 miles= 1hour 53 min - this swim had  A LOT of body contact the ENTIRE time.   It freaked me out but not a lot.   I also started out about 200 yds behind the finish line when the canon went off so that was part of my swim time.  I probably did the 1:45 I had expected but race timing says 1:53 and so it is.

T1 (10:02) - I got out of the water and my friend from high school's brother is my wetsuit stripper.   I say 'Hi Brian' and let him and the other volunteers get that wetsuit off.  I run up the 'beach' toward transition and realize that I have completely forgotten to pee before getting out of the water.   So, I head to the porta potty - probably accounts for how much longer this transition was compared to IMWI.   I go into transition and my BG=189.  I do nothing insulin-wise, trust my plan and head out on the bike.

Bike- I felt pretty good for most of the bike.   If you look at the CGM data I went high about 1 hour in.  I took .5 unit of insulin at 10:25am for this.  At 11:15 I noticed that my CGM showed me above 200 and in my effort to keep BG below 200 for the day I take an additional 1.5 units of insulin.   I have now stopped to pee 3 times.   In IMWI 2011 I didn't stop ONE time to pee.   I realize that I need electrolytes.   I get some Perform (IM branded Gatorade type drink) and count on that insulin to cover the extra carbs in the electrolyte drink.   At 11:50 I finally check my BG and it is 202 - I'm going to call that 200 just to meet my goal.... that and the +/- of the meter technology.

My carb intake on the bike is 60 CHO/hr. This is done through a concentrated mixture of Carbo-Pro with TheRightStuff (electrolytes) mixed in. I take a drink every 5 minutes as my watch timer alerts me to.
Aid stations were every 12-15 miles, I was able to grab a water bottle at EVERY single one and consume it before the next aid station!
I had a glucose meter with me on the bike but did not use it. I trusted my CGM instead (which appeared to be correct)
At 3:50pm I look at the CGM and again it is over 200 - I take .5 units of insulin to bring it down.

Bike 112 miles
T2 (3:56) Again, a FAST transition.   The volunteer that is helping dumps my bag and sees the meter and asks me if I'm diabetic.   I say yes and she asks what my blood sugar is.  I tell her that I'll need to use that meter in order to tell her anything.   She smiles and waits for me.   BG = 187.  WHOOO HOOOOO!!!   So glad to see that number!

Run 26.2 miles = The first few miles go great (14:00/mi or less) and then I just start fading.  I don't think I've pushed to hard on the bike.....  I should have more in the gas tank than this.  It's fine.  I walked almost the entire marathon at IMWI and finished.   I maintain a walk/jog until about mile 14 and then I start to REALLY fade.   Becky and Jake appear about mile 15 and walk/jog with me until 1.5 miles before the finish line.   Thank goodness.  I needed that support.  I DID NOT want it but I DID need it.

At 1.25 before the finish line Tucker rides beside me on his bicycle and tells me that Kathleen is less than .25 miles behind me.  Would I like him to push her to catch up with me?   um, YES!  I slow down to walk and wait for her to arrive.   She gets there and starts walking - because I am.   She starts jogging because she says she can't keep up with my walking speed.   I start to jog because she is but I can't keep up with her and go back to walking.   We can hear the crowd and see the lights and Kathleen turns to me and asks 'is this it?'.  I say yes and she speeds up (and tears up with the realization that she is about to be an Ironman)!

We round the corner on Rio Salado and I see Becky and Jake right before and then I don't remember much.  I know that 'YMCA' was our finish line song.... .I know that we finished at 11:30ish (turns out to be 16:30:18).

I'll post 'official' pics as soon as I can but it was an outstanding day and while I did NOT meet my goal of ALL blood sugars less than 200 I am sooooo  pleased that I don't even know what to do.  My teammates gasped when I said I was running a 220% basal on the bike (I was afraid to do it) and it was a huge success.   In addition to my basal adjustments I took 4 units of bolus insulin for high blood sugars and Perform sports beverage.

11:30pm FINISHED! (16hr 30min 18sec)
About 5 minutes after finishing, I checked my blood, 208!
I had already started on my chocolate milk which probably attributed to this BG.  I took a 50% bolus which proved to be too little.

Conclusions -
  1. Follow the plan. Nutrition and racing plans (and diabetes, in this case).
  2. Cross the finish line with a friend - I can't believe this worked out and am soooo happy it did!
  3. It's almost ski season... I gotta get my gear out and wax my skis.
**I owe you a finish line photo! (and photos of the signs along the way made by my brother and sister-in-law)

The day of Ironman Arizona in photos - no finish photo yet

There was some work in the week leading up to the race -
a practice run

a practice swim

a manicure (with stitches under the Hello Kitty BandAid)

The day of Ironman -
First there were some wetsuits put on for a swim....

Next there was a swim....
I made it out alive.....

And then there was a 112 mile bicycle ride

And then there was a run (26.2 miles) - 

And then there was a fabulous finish -

And a finish line celebration (after my legs started working, somewhat)

Post stitches

So after the stitches there was a 140.6 mile race. 

In case you don't know...
2.4mi swim
112mi bike
26.2mi run (full marathon)

(more 'in case you don't know') The women I went to race with - We are all Type 1 diabetics --- well, not Susie but a back injury prevented her from competing :(  And Gillian isn't in this photo cause she didn't have to be in Arizona in person to sign up last year with the rest of us.

I arrived in Phoenix on Wed night before the race.   Apparently I wasn't interesting in taking pictures cause I don't have many.

Thursday morning we went for a quick 30 minute run/jog with Wonder Woman -

This is Saturday before the race - just before the practice swim -

Race day and race report to follow ------

Monday, November 11, 2013

Doing dishes. the worst way possible.

So, tonight we had a delicious Santa Fe Chicken breast with green chilies and cheese.... I cut them in half with a GREAT knife!  Sharp, small and easy to use.   Also, not dishwasher friendly.

The knife slipped while washing it and off to urgent care we went.  sigh.  4 stitches later and ready to tackle Ironman Arizona with a small wound!  (Glad I didn't get hurt skiing.... but instead, washing dishes.  go figure.)

This picture is blurry - to not show all the blood - but the 'run', 'bike' and 'swim' ladies are hardly viewable.  I'll post more later.

When we arrived - wound above heart....

After 4 stitches....

That was 8:30pm.  It's 12:15am and I still can't feel my finger.  sigh, i'll go to bed soon-ish.  I have to pack for an Ironman,