Saturday, March 30, 2013

First ride of the year

Funny thing happened today the outside temperature topped the inside temperature...  So I went for a ride...

Karyn has been doing quite a bit of training, but she doesn't wait for these crazy temperature anomalies...

As you can see this is a pretty normal route for me.  Speeds were pretty good for the first ride of the year until I turned around.  Of course the wind picked up, and a head wind no less...

I had an 18.7mph average until I got off the bike path.  At that point I hit most stoplights, and of course the final hill to the house.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am a Chevy.....

So, my good friend Greg -
was at Steamboat with us over New Years and I (apparently) 'wrote' "I am a Chevy" in the dirt on his FORD F150.

Sigh.  I have never heard the end of it.  He washed the truck and still the insulting phrase was still visible.....

At MonoP 2013 I found an innocent volunteer to 'write' these same words in the dirt on his truck.

somehow, I got blamed?!?!?!  what????  I would NEVER (do that AGAIN)....

See who did ----  just sayin'

Luv ya Greg.  See ya at Cinco de Mono or....  ????
(I would fly if I were you or this might happen again)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

the most scars and paint

There have been a lot of projects around the house since I've been here, but it isn't often you get to collect the 'most scars and paint' awards....

today was the top!  After dinner the wife mentions "are you going to clean up that paint tray or...." the rest was lost as I was getting up from the couch.

Of course Jaspurr goes from my lap to the couch then on to the paint tray, and of course around the kitchen.

If you had a picture this would have been classic!

The wife is yelling "get out of there, handsome get out of there", grabbing Jaspurr ( knowing her, claws everywhere!) I take Jaspurr from the wife and pick up handsome and move on to the bathrooms.

Handsome (clean) in one, and Jaspurr with me, trying to clean her off.  After 1 attempt in the tub... (not a happy cat) I had 10 claws in my back, and 9 in my chest.

I wish I had a picture of the trail of tromping cat with white paint claws across the living room floor onto the kitchen... around the Island, and that's where the wife caught her.

The wife was cleaning the floors around the island when I came out to help.  "Why aren't you helping?" "why didn't you lock her in the shower?!??!!"  Some discussion over the next minutes, eventually I was asked "do you need help?"  It took several tries for us to coordinate minimal pain of releasing the cat from my shoulder...

In the end, the wife went to bed after cleaning the 'new floor', and I was left to finish up the clean-up, and deal with the cats/scars and all. I'll take a snapshot of the paint on the shirt, but the paw prints clearly show--- the most scars and paint than ever before....

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another Great Monopalooza!


Another great Monopalooza!

We got back late last night, driving home in another snow storm, tired and refreshed at the same time.

 We had a great turn out this year!  We had 8 noobies.  This picture is from the top of Centennial chair Beaver Creek.  We were right on time!

We took the group to Beaver Creek to ski the "Talon's Challenge".  Of which I believe all entrants completed all of the runs.  We also got some skiing in with some people who didn't enter.

There is always the occasional fall on the mountain...
 A new friend Jonathan in the middle, with Greg and Jason on the out sides:
 I was testing out the latest Coda swallow tail Mono, it performed pretty well, as you can see below it is a little springy...

As always there are some shenanigans, we did some synchronized skiing...  Lucky we only had 5, that was hard enough.

I got a bunch of Video, look for some youtube updates...  Always great people!