Sunday, November 30, 2014

Planes Trains and Automobiles and repeat

We took a trip over thanksgiving out to California...

We woke up Thanksgiving morning and set out on our voyage...
We drove to DIA and picked up the train out to concourse B.  We loaded on the plane...

Of course we ran into an old friend Kurt who was traveling on our plane.  We haven't seen him in at least 5 years.

We flew into John Wayne airport SNA, the weather was a bit nicer out there.
We jumped in a Taxi to head over to the train station in Anaheim.

We were lucky to get seats next to each other.  A very crowded train, and a nice train style lunch.

Once we got to Camarillo, we picked up my parents car, and headed over to the festivities at Sperry's place.

 Family pictures are always a riot!
Someone making things a little crazy.

On Friday morning we went over to see the new exhibit (almost a year old) at the science museum.

 And of course I got a picture of the live feed of the inside of the shuttle.  (Live?)

Saturday morning...  Repeat.

Shuttle to LAX, Plane to Denver, Train to the car and back home again.

Just some fun getting ready for the family shot...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just another weekend.....

Last Saturday we...... um, skied.  It was great and we left as soon as it wasn't (crowded).

On Sunday Tucker and I took off for bicycle rides.  I use the plural because we started together and I left the bike path with my yoga mat strapped on my bike and went to a yoga class while he continued his ride.  I was thrilled to find the neatest bike racks in front of the yoga studio!  I locked her up and went in to practice!

I'll definitely try to ride if I'm ever around for another weekend yoga class!  But, ski season is upon us so that is NOT likely!