Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Pork Pork and more Pork!

Of course we start out with the trip.  735CF which I was often getting confused with 756TK en route...
We took Faas and MJ.  I was the meany making them weigh everything for the flight.  After some checks, we would have been at max gross wt departing with 60 gallons of fuel required to get all the way to Ames KAMW.  We arrived at the plane and it had less fuel.  Good and bad.  I could get fuel to make it, but warm weather etc not great flying at gross wt.  Or stop on the way.

 We decided to stop along the way in Columbus and parked on the ramp.  Unique that during take off I heard the hint of the stall alarm suggesting we were tail heavy...  We moved one bag ~25lbs from the trunk to the back of the front seats and gained about 4kts.  Talking to some folks that stopped there in a similar 182 from Platte Valley (Denver) and heard the weather hadn't cleared as expected.
 I filed IFR for the final leg /g.  Karyn's first IFR with me.  No problem, flew just at the tops until descending, I was able to get 2500 feet  VFR  underneath so we cancelled and buzzed Boomers house. He wasn't home AGAIN!

 The next morning it was time to start cooking!

 We should take some time to golf while we're waiting...
Yes I did eventually hit the silos...  But I lost some money while practicing!  It's not like I golf more than once every 4 years!

 And the shirts

 As the party started it was time for the airshow, No... I was on the ground...

 The Nadas!
Scotty came out from Nebraska for the party!
 Somehow the day after always has a party wrapped up inside...  The morning post breakfast cleanup time...
 And we get to review the Lost and Found.  I must say not as good as last year!

 We stuck around for a fire the next night, another good time!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Copper Triangle 2016

Our Monoski Friend Hoss is a biker, he's been riding Seattle to Portland for 13 years (as far as I can tell all of those were a 1 day 200+ ride).  We attempted to join him for the traditional route last year 200+ miles in 2 days, but were not able.  He has been talking about the Copper Triangle for a few years, he came down to join us!

Karyn hadn't been able to ride her training rides, so she saw us off, and rode to the finish with us!

I feel like I hadn't trained as much as I have in years past, and with sea level lungs Hoss we rode a constant pace, which turns out is right in line with my averages.  Check out his Strava here: Link

A great weekend with Hoss visiting, and we had lots of fun with the cats!