Friday, February 12, 2010

The 'other' way you know you have been skiing with Boomer

so... you all saw how I went skiing with Boomer earlier this year.... here's another shot from the same day. I don't really have words for this one - just call me the 'wicked witch'??? yup, those are my legs/feet.... sadly.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House

I owe a blog on the broken binding from last weekend.... But instead I'm going to drop a note on the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House. I was there for dinner with a work group....

The Boulder Dushanbe Tea House was presented to the city of Boulder by the Mayor of Dushanbe after a visit in 1987. I've been to the tea house before, but only for tea... It's a tea house after all. Tonight I was there for dinner, I ordered the Tajikistan Plov. The menu reads: Traditional rice dish with carrots, onions, chickpeas and spices with grilled beef, tomato-cucumber salad, dried fruit.
So I was wondering when I ordered, what kind of dried fruit was I going to get?

The food came, and I liked the tomato-cucumber salad, which did not have dried fruit, it was served over Spinach. The cucumbers were not real fresh, but still good flavor. The beef was served over the "Traditional rice dish with carrots, onions, chickpeas". I'm not sure where the spices were, but I couldn't find them in the rice, and the definitely were not on the charred beef which came with it. I was a little surprised, 1/2 of the beef was cooked medium/medium well (which is just fine with me), but the other half was well done and charred on the outside. I have to admit, I don't think I need to go back....

They did pay for the meal, as you would expect... But the question running through my mind, is "Why would anyone serve that?"

All in all, I was thinking the dried fruit would go well with a savory well spiced beef slice over some mild flavored rice/vegetables.... That' wasn't quite how things ended up....

And check this out... yes it was as black as the picture represents:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cat problems...

So, we took all the cats to the vet because one of them keeps peeing/pooping in the kitchen - sink, floor, mat, etc.

He made LOTS of suggestions - cause this is a new-ish problem. One suggestion was to raise the litter box off the floor. okay! But, Karyn was tasked with the problem and so it is so over-engineered that it really isn't even funny but... here it is! Hope it works.

Otherwise, the 'cat whisperer' is coming over on Friday to 'observe' our household and make even more suggestions and in the end will be Prozac for the aggressive kitties if nothing else works. We'll see how this one goes!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Brown Hut Time!!!

It was time for the annual Brown hut - hosted/reserved by Bill Brown! We selected Section House which is a historic building that was restored by the forest service and now is a winter haven for those like us!

We hiked the L O N G 6.5 miles in and then started a fire and enjoyed our time away - not even cell reception!

A puzzle.....

And 'another puzzle'??? Don't leave a Jesus Action Figure at a hut.....?