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Since the Small Fry Party is Saturday

Just Cause....


yep...  that's all I have to say....

making video

You know what happens....

I was trying to find this sweet clip of mountain biking in Utah, but I came across this.
Karyn is such a great sport when it comes to filming!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ironman Texas 2012

So, post Ironman Wisconsin... Team WILD had some 'issues'.  we had 4 of 11 that had set out to be IronWOmen and not succeeded.  There were flat tires, vomiting and a bad wreck but 4 with a goal, unfulfilled.

Two of them decided Ironman Texas was the place to get their Ironman 'title'!  Lorrie and Susie headed out!

Four of us - Kathleen from San Fransisco....  Jen from Chicago... . Lyndsay from Milwaukee... and Karyn from Denver.... all headed out to see some WILD gals do Ironman Texas.  Gillian, Lorrie and Susie!


The weekend started out innocently enough.  Some dinner and beers the night before the race - we weren't racing, after all.

Spectating an Ironman event is an endurance sport - just ask Tucker ;)  We started with the swim...
We played the D-CARD (Diabetes card) and got into the transition area to give Lorrie her spare insulin pump when she exited the water.

  First out of the water was Gillian - no wetsuit - followed by Susie and Lorrie - both wearing wetsuits which is an automatic 10 minute later start! 

The swim was over and we had a few hours (6-8) to wait for everyone to return so we saw some sights ;)

Finally, the bike is over but no Susie!!! and no Lorrie!!!  We hang out at transition - yes, in transition again.... and finally Lorrie arrives with her police escort - siren and lights going!!!!

She asks if she can have a beer and someone in the crowd hands me a beer!  Which I take the cap off of and hand to Lorrie - here she is wandering transition with her beer!

We hang out and find Susie... watch Gillian finish  (oh!  Susie ended up in the med tent and an amulance after passing out at mile 95 of the bike from heat exhaustion and dehydration - although she looks okay here after some IV bags of saline)

Tire as we could possibly be - we all gather into the Jeep and go back to the hotel.  5 spots and 6 people so there was some lap sitting.

Breakfast the next morning started with some bloody marys!

 Lorrie likes her veggies!

Next, we moved on to margaritas, ugh, er, I mean we met Gillian!

Sill reading???  really????  If so, there were some, um, commitments made over margaritas - it was NOT the tequila talking - for Team WILD to take on RAGBRAI (google it if you don't know) and IMAZ 2013.  sigh, I said I was one and done.  apparently that is NOT true.  See ya in Tempe in November of 2013!   Since it is my home town I am expecting some additional crowd support!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mountain biking - spring 2012

Every year in May and October we try to sneak away for a mountain bike weekend.  This May ended up in Colorado instead of Utah, like usual.   We headed out to Fruita for the weekend!

Loading up the Jetta with Tucker's mountain bike and my tri bike....
It started out innocently enough... and then the snow started.  And we were stopped in traffic.  And then Vail Pass closed due to conditions and accidents.  A quick dinner in Frisco while it kept snowing....

We finally got to Grand Junction about 11pm and checked in - only to upgraded to a suite!  It was karoake night and busy, busy, busy.  We headed out too early the next morning and got the trailhead about 30 min before the meeting time with friends so we took photos. :)
  I posed with Tucker's bike but mine is waiting on my car.  I dropped him and headed into town for a quick ride on the road.  With the new knee parts I cannot risk a fall at this point and that is a lot less likely on the road.

That evening we had a delicious BBQ dinner with friend's of Elizabeth who hosted at their home.  It was great food, company and fun!  The next day we did it all again!  Except we ended up with THREE (3) bikes on the way home!  We volunteered to get Greg home in time for Mother's Day dinner....  :)


Great weekend and always a ton of fun with this crew!   Next weekend?  Tucker goes to Durango and I go to Texas for Ironman Texas!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Irvine Park

We've been working a little too hard, I talked by boss into borrowing a bike so we could ride.
This is the boss' back yard...

The bike he borrowed was built by his neighbor.  The front chainring and the rear suspension were not happy together.  He had the front drailier locked out of the granny gear.

I was middle ring and big ring the whole time.  That made for some good strength training...

Ride Distance, 8.9 mi

Elevation peak: 1118 ft.  (yep not a typo)

Ride time 1:30

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mono

Cinco De Mono.....

Never heard of it???  It is held the first Saturday in May, every year, at Arapahoe Basin Ski area.  It is a gathering of monoskiers for one single day... unlike Monopalooza which is a week long.  This year's Cinco de Mono had many of the same faces (but new banners!) as usual but not as much snow....  and it was ACTUALLY the 5th of May!  Plenty of great people, food, drinks and fun......  just not snow.