Monday, March 28, 2011

The Fritz Hut

I'm home. A little tired from my travels, but a great weekend at the Fritz Hut.

The roads on the drive over to Aspen was a bit crazy, in fact a couple of our crew slid off the road, and decided not to continue on the trip.

The sun was out for the trek in. 5.8 miles or so 2500 vertical feet or so. This turned out to be a pretty big hike in. Most of the vertical gain was in about 3 of those miles.

We met a nice couple from Florida with a dog that were jogging up to the hut for a day trip. They enjoyed a nice tour and refreshed their water before heading down.

Of course we had to celebrate David's big 40! After all this is David's birthday hut trip.

Day 1 skiing was fantastic. We hiked North from the hut and skied a few runs to the west before making it to the target north facing runs. (Someone was a little too excited about the skiing to make it all the way to the north facing slopes before skiing!)


The laps were short, but the snow was worth it. 200 feet per run.

After lunch we found some terrain in front of the hut which was a more gentle angle (better for skinning up but not as good for skiing down) about 320 feet per lap.

I've caught David tending to the fire:

Of course I had to step away from the game of Rummy to make dinner, but there is always time for a deck of cards.

The skis left patiently waiting for the next set of turns to be had.

We took a couple laps in front of the hut before heading back to the cars for the ride home. We had another 8" or so for the morning laps.

The trek out was about 2 hours as expected. Breaking trail, and pulling the sled. (let me clarify. someone else broke the trail, I just widened it. ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The $12 Margarita @ El Camino

Happy Birthday Dad, and Tim!
Wow, The Marg was good, but really for $12 I get this much ice?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Tooth Fairy!!!

hopefully you still believe in the tooth fairy? hopefully the owner of this beauty does!

But... is there a kitty cat tooth fairy? We'll put it out tonight and see what happens :)

I am surprised they saved it for us - was very loose when Handsome went for his cleaning so they just pulled and it came right out. A few stiches and a few hours later and he/they got to come home. Handsome and booger have clean teeth now!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monopalooza! - 5 days of monoskiers and monoskiing!

First? A snowball fight - how did I get into this????

So, this year Monopalooza was held at North Lake Tahoe. We skied Mt. Rose, Alpine Meadows and Sugar Bowl. We were there skiing for 5 days and got face shots for 4 of those. The other day was a great day of sun and fun! Here are some pictures of the madness!

There were reindeer shoes...
Not quite your size Boomer - but you should steal the label 'race like a girl' - might make you faster!

Boomer spends A LOT of time in this position when skiing....


Supposed to leave Canada.... but snow and avalanches didn't allow

So, we were scheduled to ski on 2/12 in the morning and then hop on a 6.5 hour bus ride back to calgary. We planned a later departure on Sunday, 2/13, so that we could see Sarah and Chris one more time.

We got the skiing in that morning....

but avalanches along the highway from the TransCanadian Hwy 1 to our lodge had closed 'our' highway. But by the time our highway had cleared... the TransCanadian Hwy was closed in two different places. They had us stay the night and the next morning... nothing was really better so they put us on the helicopters and flew us to Golden. Then we had to go South and South again... and although we started our day at 8am we didn't get to Calgary until 7pm (30 minutes after the last flight to Denver). ARGH!! **but we did get to have dinner with Chris and Sarah!

So, 2/14, we woke up and had breakfast to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and then had dinner to celebrate back in the US!

still in Canada - 2/5-2/14 (supposed to leave on 2/13)

So, Bill, Dave, Tucker and I all headed up to BC for some more skiing (face shots of fresh powder every day)!!!

Bill was NOT caught in an avalanche this trip but did manage to fall into a fire pit!

We had wonderful views.... and snow... and company!

The snow was deep and the people... well..... take a look!