Monday, May 23, 2016

A WW2 Flight museum?

A once a year air show at the Military Aviation Museum Virginia Beach.  All they have is a grass strip.  The rain had been in town for 2 days now, so the show was cancelled for Saturday but plenty of planes took to the sky on Sunday!  What a great experience.

We had a quick tour around the airport before the show started.  Most of the planes are operational.
 Some are not planes at all, in fact a boat/car?
 These Ladies came from New Orleans to perform at the air show, WW2 Era song and dance.

Since the grass strip was wet from the rain, we didn't get to see any of the large planes in the air, but there is an impressive selection if you get a chance to visit.

We should have brought our flight suits!  We wouldn't have been the only ones!

Jason Graduates!

Jason has been working hard for 4 long years to get his BA in Criminal Justice.  It was a nice ceremony with a speaker from his naval base.
Shortly before they called up Jason's class, a huge rainstorm passed over the auditorium erupted in noise this time not from the graduates...

Jason waling in stride with his diploma!
 A few nice pix after since we hadn't seen him since he left for campus!
 They took us to Waterman's Surfside for lunch.  I think we got the best table at the place.  Corner spot on the patio.  I think that works!  We all tasted the famous Orange Crush.  And of course enjoyed some she crab soup, dip and a soft shell crab sandwich.

At the parking lot just outside there is a beautiful mural, so we got a pic.  This went along nicely with the military flyovers on the ride down Atlantic Ave.

Dinner nibbles was a make our own Charcuterie and Cheese Plate.

Congrats Jason!  Nice work!

Who doesn't have a flight suit?

Jason has a few flight suits!  After the flight to Kitty Hawk he broke them out at the campfire.

Nothing like inviting the neighbors over for Smores after we had build your own Pizza competition!

Something to do Friday afternoon

I brought my logbook thinking we might create an opportunity.  Megan and Jason, at first a little hesitant, decided it would be fun to go flying.  I rounded up a plane and an instructor to check me out on a 172R at Hampton Roads.  We went out for a quick checkout, .7 flight time which was about the same exercises as my bi-annual.   Talking over local options with the flight school, we met up with Jason and took to the air!
 Nice view of the crosswind runway on the way out.
 We overflew Megan and Jason's house,  And yes it appears the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!  Note the red umbrella as 'home'.

 Amazing views of the outer-banks and the Atlantic ocean.  The plan operates a little differently at sea-level, I had never flown below 955'.  This was 26'.  I'd never flown a 172R - '98 fuel injected, and nothing this new...
 Our trip ended up heading to the 'mecca' for aviators, Kitty Hawk, the airport is named First Flight as you would expect.  You can see heading into runway 2 for a Touch and Go, the monument in the pic is the Wright Brothers Memorial.
 A quick 30 minute return and everyone had a Great time!

A Great experience for me as well as the passengers.  1.2 on the clock, I was amazed we were so close to all of this!

A quick trip to Norfolk

We had been planning to get out to Norfolk to see Megan and Jason for a while.  We managed to find some free tickets (Alaska miles) both ways in first class!  
 Megan picked us up at the airport EARLY in the morning.  It was a long night, but the first thing we did was get some crab-cake Benedict!
Later, we got to ride in the Jeep!

After a nice tour around, we had Greek Turkey Burgers and Salad.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cinco de Mono

Great times were had again at Cinco de Mono!  We had a great spot next to Jay again this year at A-basin.
 A little dancing!

 A little snow!
 Some visits from some out of town guests.

 Lots of skis.  We had a nice representation from Coda at this year's events, and 2 of the skis were out the entire time with several different ski testers!  Some new core designs and some new shapes.
 We had about 25 on Saturday and extended to Sunday to close Loveland.  Another great spot in the parking lot!  Of course we closed down the lifts both days!