Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Trip to Mammoth Lakes

This year after the hut trip, we flew out to Mammoth Lakes to visit with some friends and take some runs.  Of course there was the family time, the main reason for the trip.

We flew out at 6:00am, and got to spend 6 and a half hours in San Fransisco, we made good use of the United Club.  We made some calls to friends, but it seems everyone is pretty busy on the day after Christmas!
We went out that night in town, and were lucky enough to find a Red Lantern.  Those of you that need to can look back at our Japan trip where we ate as many meals as possible at Red Lanterns...

We took a trip to the top of Mammoth to take in the view.  It hasn't been a good snow year this year, so as you can see from the above picture the words are pretty high up there.  The last time we were in Mammoth was in May, and those words were at ground level...

Scotty came out to visit us, bringing a couple friends down from Tahoe area.We took some great runs and got a great pic of Hoss' restaurant on the 'sleds'.

It just wouldn't be a day skiing with Sperry unless...
We apply appropriate sunscreen at lunch!

By the end of the second day (for the small browns), there was a lot more skiing!  These two have really picked up the turns...  (And the stops for the most part.)


In addition to this great weekend, we were able to connect with another hometown friend.  Jon came out to ski for a 1/2 day on Man-made snow.  We had a great time skiing with him, and later he invited us to meet his family and cooked us a GREAT meal on the way out of town!

Thanks Jon, Leslie, Colton (who we woke up) and Ellie (who we also woke up) for the great visit!