Monday, October 10, 2011

San Rafael Swell

Elizabeth started talking to us about riding in the San Rafael Swell in Moab this spring.

Well we did some checking, and set up the trip for this fall. Turns out there really ended up being only three of us, and Karyn down with foot recovery, two riders.

We had a great time, Friday night in Green River. Late arrival for us due to travel from Denver after work. Elizabeth was out the day before and warmed up the hotel room for us.

We woke up to some rain, so we didn't hurry out of the hotel, but got to camp around lunch. Just north of the campground was a spot with some Rock Art, so we checked that out.

Elizabeth and I left Karyn in the tent, and rode up the jeep trail next to the river and checked out the great views. We stayed at the San Rafael Bridge campground. Not too many spots, but we were the first ones in, so we got the best spot.

only 3 more sites filled while we were there, one of which the group site.

Check out Window blind peak.

The morning views were spectacular as the sun rose.

Sunday we went north to check out "the wedge" some single track. More to come, These pix are on the gopro, that's going to take some work...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dinner! Thanks Justin and Mom!!!

Fish tacos (thanks Justin) with cherry salsa (thanks Mom!)!!

just cause I can..... the 'real' photo!

This is all... I got the 'real' finish photo and still feeling great! Back at the gym, back on the bike and having foot surgery in the morning.... 7am is cut time. 6am is check-in. See ya online sometime tomorrow afternoon. Thanks to all that supported me on this journey. I REALLY could not have done it without you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

biking Kenosha pass

Kenosha pass ride.

Rebecca David Louisa and I rode Kenosha pass.
I borrowed a bike, 29er spearfish. Pretty nice bike. The crowd was up checking out the colors. That didn't suck...

Lunch break. I think everyone stops here...

Here we are on the summit of the Georgia pass. This was about 11,300.

We ran into Peter heading into breck from here, and later Drew Brown heading up the pass.

Here are some stats. I recorded 24 miles, I'm not sure how David ended up with more. Top speed around 35, again, not sure how I got going that fast anywhere on this trail!

I'll have to come back later to post the google earth trail. Pretty fun ride, highly recommended.