Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steamboat Triathlon!

We went to Steamboat, CO for my triathlon this weekend and right outside our hotel was this... I took about 5 pictures of it so I was definitely intrigued... or just avoiding worrying about my race?
Steamboat Triathlon - my THIRD triathlon and my first in the Team Kit!!!
(with my BAD KITTY socks)

So, today's race went well and bad - all at the same time! How is this possible?
My race plan was as follows:
8:05 - Swim wave start
8:55 - Swim wave end
9:00 - Bike start
10:30 - Bike end
10:35 - Run start
11:35 - Run end

Blood glucose goals = 100-180

Reality -
5:30 - Breakfast, BG=125, 54 Carbs, 3.25u bolus (60% of normal)
7:30 - Out of transition, BG=163, 1.6u IOB (50:1 ratio, so PERFECT!)
8:05 - swim start
8:45 - Swim end, T1 begin
**T1 ---- BG=277, 1.0 (cautious) correction bolus, 1/2 Nalgene Accelerade (10 CHO), 1 POWERADE GEL (17 CHO)
8:48 - T1 end, Bike begin
**1 fig newton every 25 minutes on the bike (3*15CHO=45 CHO) + 1 tall H2O bottle with Accelerade (20 CHO) + 1 regular H2O bottle, plain
10:11 - Bike end, T2, begin
**T2 --- BG=366 (yikes!), 2.5u correction bolus, 1/2 Nalgene Accelerade (10 CHO)
10:14 - T2 end, run begin, set temp basal (80% for 4 hours to prevent post exercise lows)
***4 cups of water on course (approx 4 oz per cup = 16 oz water), 2 at first mile and 1 at following 2 rest stops (each mile)
10:40 - during run, BG = 392
*** take 1 electrolyte capsule with H2O at mile 3
11:05 - FINISH!!! (30 minutes ahead of my outloud goal finish and 15 minutes ahead of my secret goal finish time!)
***BG = 374, 3.10u correction
11:20 - full Nalgene with Accelerade (20 CHO) + Builder Bar (20 PRO, 30 CHO), 2.5u insulin (50% of normal food bolus)
12:00 - BG=372
1:00 - BG=258, eat 'lunch', approx 25 CHO, bolus 'normal' 2.5u, 2.68 IOB (perfect for correction!)
2:00 - 235
4:00 - 60, .68 IOB ---> argh!

Carbs eaten during race/event = 102 CHO/3hours = 34 CHO/hr (30-60CHO/hr recommended)
H2O during race/event = 92 oz = 31oz/hr (yeah!)

Swim - 39:59.6
T1 - 3:23.7
Bike - 1:22:37.4
T2 - 2:49.6
Run - 51:19.6
Total Time - 3:00:09.8

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Success! Tour de Cure....

Yesterday was Tour de Cure Colorado . There were rides ranging from 12 miles to 100 miles. I had a team of friends and family (yeah, Willie!) that joined me/us for this adventure. There were 15 of us in all and I was the only one that had ridden the event before! Jake and Becky turned their 100K (62 miles) into a brick by running when they returned. David, Tucker, Willie, Rick, Patrick and Karyn rode the 100 mile course. Elizabeth, Peter and Alex did the 100K - without a run after. Audra, Erin (3 mo preggo), Sarah, Levi all rode the 50K (32 miles)! We also raised over $9,000 for the American Diabetes Association! I, unfortunately, missed seeing some members of my team as Karen L (WILD teammate) and I were some of the last people in from the 100 mile ride at 3pm. I got to see some pics though! I jumped in an ice bath as soon as I returned and then some of my friends joined me..... pictures now -

Erin (3 months pregnant) and Xander!

Tony and Tucker supporting the WILD Team with their team jerseys during the 100 mile ride -

David, same photo op, 100 mile ride -

Alex's VERY professional photo on the 100K -

The Kareyns crossing the finish line -

Karyn's ice bath at the finish line -

My friends join me for a 'bath' - look at those WILD shorts!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd set of deck stairs - finally

So, we started the deck LAST summer..... and are 'almost' finished this summer, but not quite.

This is today's progress -

Supper Club - August 2010

Last night was supper club. What is Supper Club you ask? Well, about 5 years ago our college group of friends decided that it was going to take much more effort to see everyone on a more regular basis - some were married, some had kids, we live up to an hour apart, etc. So, Jen suggested 'Supper Club'. Approximately every 6-8 weeks one of the 'original' college crew would host Supper Club. They would select a theme and make the main dish. Everyone else would then sign up for a course that they would provide - side dish, appetizer, dessert, etc.

Last night these crazy Browns were hosting and our theme was 'COLORS'. As people RSVP'd we selected the color of their dish. I simply went in the order of the rainbow... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. The first person selected dessert - and they got RED! Here's what we got -

RED - dessert - Red Velvet Cake with strawberries
ORANGE - appetizer - Sweet Potato Fries with aoli
YELLOW (the first person to rsvp picked our color.... yellow) - main course - saffron rice with yellow curry (shrimp and tofu)
GREEN - salad - well, salad
BLUE - salad - blueberry/walnut salad
PURPLE - side dish - mashed purple potatoes

They were all delicious and creative and fun! We also go to meet Josh, Mike and Amy's son, finally! What a cutie - all smiles and such a flirt!

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Triathlon

So, today was my first Olympic triathlon (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run).... here are the stats...
155 carbs eaten
44 oz water (during race)
BG leaving transition area before closed - 179
BG at T1 - 159
BG at T2 - 181
BG at finish - 316

Overall finish... 471/482. Swim finish... 435/482, bike finish.... 463/482, run finish.... 472/482
(of course, only 475 people finished the race with 7 DNF so... my stats go down even further)

Total time = 4:30:39.

My goal (really) was simply to finish. Secret goal was to do it in under 4 hours but I really don't care..... really. And to have a working sensor for my CGM but fate had it's way with that one, I arrived at the race with no tail lights (yeah) and the dreaded '???' on my CGM receiver. Still trying to revive the sensor without luck. no CGM data sucks.

*Race Highlight - I met a woman on the run course who had gotten a hip replacement 3 years ago and could do no more than walk. I chose to walk with her rather than struggle to run, as I usually do. What a phenomenal person and experience. I would not trade 15 minutes off my race time to not have had the opportunity to talk to her for almost the entire run course.

What a GREAT day and my new transition towel(s) worked great! (THANKS MOM!!!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 7 - Copper Triangle

So, last Saturday we got up and rode the Copper Copper Mountain at 6:15 am and proceeded up and over Freemont Pass, Leadville, Ski Cooper, 10th Mountain Camp, Minturn, Vail and back to Copper Mountain - all 6000 vertical feet of climbing (and descending) that we did!

I even 'rode' into a fellow Team WILDer - Karen L! I rode with her up to Freemont and think I lost her somewhere on the next downhill..... when my speedometer hit 52 I figured she was back there somewhere??

I finished at 2pm and Tucker was there an hour before me - fast riding, beautiful weather and no sunburn for me! It was a great day.... Here are what I imagine will be some tiny, tiny pics of us on the ride....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finally.... a 'REAL' Triathlon

Today I set out to complete my first timed triathlon competition. It started out with a beautiful sunrise....

I had some out loud goals - such as, finish the swim in less than the 45 min it took the first time I did an open water 1/2 mile. Wasn't much besides that.

My secret goals are the ones you should really hear about -
17.0 mph avg on the bike
better than 12:33 min/mi pace on the run (12:33 was my pace from the Bolder Boulder)
Complete the WHOLE thing in under 2 hours - I expected 45 min per sport + transition time.

How did it end up?

Swim - .5 miles - 22:15 (wow!)
T1 - 8:04
Bike - 11.4 miles - 40:23 (16.9mph avg)
T2 - 6:08
Run - 3.1 miles - 38:18 (12:21 min/mile pace)

Total Time - 1:55:11

So, all things considered I 'almost' met ALL of my goals - secret and out loud! Not a bad start to a triathlon season for me!

Next.... another triathlon - Rattlesnake is August 14th and is an Olympic distance (500m swim - 40k bike - 10k run). Basically double the distance of today's event. I think that one might work just fine for me! Plus I need more time in open water and this VERY new wetsuit - arrived last Thursday!