Friday, October 14, 2016

South Dakota hunt

Dad and  I went out to Pierre in 735CF for the hunt this year.

We arrived before our friends from Michigan.  There were a lot of planes on the tarmac.

This year we had new ground to hunt.  We stayed at a lake-side lodge designed for fishing.  As any outfitter would work out, we had great hunting.

  And always beautiful sunsets...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

This Year's hot wing cook-off and Harvest party

Too bad these two events were on the same night.  I had a tie for win last year with my Chipotle-Lime wings with two sauces (one hot and one mild).

I decided to make the wings again, and share them at the harvest party.  They were a hit.

I guess I still get first prize by default if there are no competitors...  right?

Cruising with Camaros...

We met up with some Camaro owners in a group we participate with, and went for a color cruise.  It was a nice day, a fun cruise, and colors! We ended with a lunch at a member's house.

 I think most people would consider them gear heads.  I was on my '83 goldwing and was called out by a lady member "is that an '82?'.  So they know a lot more than camaros
The lunch was hosted by someone they consider the bible of Camaro parts.  He ran a shop for years and rebuilt numerous cars, but now in his retirement he mostly only judges at car shows.