Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5th Anniversary - POWDER DAY!!!!

So, today I got a ring from Tucker and he got one from me... but more on that later.

here are some pictures of the day!
So, our wedding day was a powder day as was today. We are going to be on the Weather Channel tonight - 2/14/2012... our claim to fame? We aren't sure when. The videographer told us to Tivo(?) it all night but we don't Tivo so.....???

It was a great time!

I got a wedding band!

The 5th anniversary traditional gift is wood and the 'modern' gift is silverware so I was threatening to get Tucker a wooden fork - why not?


Mine matches my engagement/wedding ring and his is rosewood - polished beautifully by Chip!

We had a fantastic day and are thankful for what we have!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thought I'd blog my race first but no....

So, tomorrow is our 5th anniversary and we are going to celebrate by.... skiing! (no surprise there) But this diabetic, weight-watcher fool also remade the infamous wedding cake.... it's in the oven right now and smells delicious!!!

However, right after I put the dry ingredients in the bowl I had to run to the garage for oil..... and Handsome put his nose in my business, quite literally!

But, for now... I have to put the glaze on the cake and finish steaming the dress for tomorrow's celebration (30 minutes and about 1/4 done. ugh)

Hopefully I'll make time to post tomorrow about our adventure on the ski hill with our friends!