Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The weather was great today!

So far, driest (is it warmest?) March on record for the history of Colorado.

We all have seen the recent wildfires, I'll soon hear on the news what damage has been done since the last report I saw at 6am.

But riding was in the weather today...

If you click, you should be able to read: patrz w lusterka. sprawdz owa razy. motocykle sa wszedzie! forum motocyklistow <.pl>

Don't worry. Let me help you out:
see in the mirror. check this times. motorcycles are everywhere! motorcycle forum <. com>

Even when you see this in a different language. If you ride, you know what this means...

Be safe!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, April 1st - ZANY SUNDAY!!!!

If you see this - you are invited to ZANY SUNDAY!!!! This year is (according to Tucker) the 27th annual Zany Sunday. Held the 1st Sunday in April of every year it is just people that get together to grill, wear costumes, giggle, talk, and ski!

We meet at Arapahoe Basin Ski area and start out with some Bloody Marys about 7am. Sometimes there is a tent and sometimes not.

Sometimes there is sun and sometimes not.

come this year and see what there is to see!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The King's Castle

The Wall at the entrance to town:

In Warsaw there was the king's castle: Zamek królewski. This was the Kings' home for the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Throne Room

Apparently this was the King's Bedroom.

The castle was destroyed January 1945 after the 'uprising' August 1, 1944 until October 2, 1944 63 days of battle between the polish underground army and the Germans.

The old town was rebuilt starting soon after the war, the Castle lay dormant and destroyed. In the 70s the Polish finally rebuilt the castle finishing in the 80s. There were lots of things donated from the surrounding governments to replace the contents stolen or destroyed by the Germans.

In the 15-18th century the capital (the second capital of Poland) was in Krakow. And there is the previous king's castle. The locals say this castle was rigged with explosives and the German's failed to wire them up correctly to blow up the castle as the Russians were coming in. These pictures are from the original Castle at this location.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

America in Poland

Just a collection of pictures that contain American influence.

For Karyn:

Note: Turbo Diesel.

Monday, March 19, 2012

ok, that was worth 150 PLN

Bare with me, this sounds awesome in my head...

So I quit from a long day at the office, heading out hungry with no real sure way to get back to the hotel. Whatever I came down on the way in, we'll start with that. The 'gps' I brought was not loaded with maps all the way out.

But luck would have it... The road took some winds/turns/corners/roundabouts/... you name it, I had it. But as soon as I saw the Palace, I knew I could find my way... But it gets better! I took this roundabout and started heading down some road (which I can tell you from being here 3 days, nobody would know what the road names would be) and end up heading for the National Stadium, Stadion Narodowy (Sta de ion Na ro do vee). Ok, no problem, I know I just have to take a left before the river, and I can find my way from there... Couple bridges later and a couple "damn there goes the.. wait... no..." I take a hard right. Hit just one more roundabout and it tosses me onto that last road by the river... up by the King's Castle (Zamek Krowloski), and left and (up that cobblestone street) and I'm back...

After a beer (local zywiec) (Piwko aka Pi v ko), I headed into the hotel restaurant.
First I get the menu, which... everything was 50+ PLN. So from the snack menu I got a sandwich added a roasted cauliflower soup... He said they needed some time to make some dishes, so he brought a salmon tartar, very nice, I asked atlantic, and he said polish, I said fresh water he said yes... (sorry that wasn't the worth it part...)

Then I got the soup. hand drawn at the table, roasted cauliflower, over a couple roasted tomatoes and sausage (random meat of the day).

Then for the palate cleanser... sorbet and fresh mint. Don't forget the chocolate and nestled in a fried delicious bowl of sweet corn breading...

Ahhh a few minutes after that... The sandwich comes... That was the best breakfast I had for dinner at lunch time I've ever had... ok, break down the time... I'm eating this at 8:30 GDT, that's MDT +7, so slightly after lunch... but this sandwich... It had an egg in it!!!

Ok, that's good. I didn't need the second half of that thing, triple decker w/ fries to dip in cranberry catchup.

no, no I'm good no desert.

Mr. 24 year old waiter comes back with the check and says "where are you from?"
Puzzled look
US... Colorado
Oh I wasn't sure, you don't have an american facial structure. the reason I ask is I like to guess the dialect...

Oh and if you're still hungry have a sample desert, and dropped the plate off.

Desert or not, that "you don't look american" thing was worth the 150PLN (Zloty) or whatever the heck you call it...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Potato Pancake with Meat

Well for dinner tonight I tried the Goulash soup. This was pretty good, Beef, in a tomato base.

If I could have translated I would have known there were mushrooms and whole peppercorns. The peppercorns turned out a lot better than the ones I last used in a recipe. I think they were pickled... I considered eating the mushrooms since I am in a foreign country and you kind of have to eat what you get even if you don't know what's coming... But seriously... Sperry would you have eaten these?
Then the potato pancake came.
Who would let you order the same thing (goulash) in two different plates without telling you? Come on, you know I'm not from around here when I ask for you to speak English!!! You might just mention this fact.

Anyway it turned out to be ok. A little better with the dill and onion mixed in...
Mushrooms on the side...

The Polish Mall

Well I didn't get a ton of pix at the mall, it's just like an American mall but on steroids. This place was 5 stories tall with all the usual suspects in the food court, a movie theater on the top floor, and this really cool roof!!!
Even a Crocs store!!