Sunday, June 23, 2013

A 1940s-1950s dinner..... with SPAM

So, for many years we have been getting together with our college friends and having dinner at one of our houses.   Tucker and I have not hosted (or been) in quite a while so we decided to host this month!

There is usually a theme....  we have done 'colors' - where each 'yes' RSVP was assigned a color for their dish.

Last night's theme was 40s & 50s food.   Lots of interesting items....   cheese balls, SPAM/bacon/mustard snacks, cheese&potato dumplings, potato skins, fruit salad.   Basically all food that you could make with food that didn't spoil quickly and/or used odds and ends of whatever was leftover during rationing.

The biggest hit (and surprise) was Marty's SPAM - it was actually REALLY good.  (after he wrapped it in bacon and topped it with honey mustard - I didn't try it plain)

It was great weather but we hung inside until the sun (sorta) went down.   Thanks everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Next triathlon - July 13th.....

My next triathlon is July 13th!

I got my wetsuit back yesterday that I had loaned to a good friend for one of her (3) sisters to use during a race last weekend - how great for them to do that together!

Today, I paid for the bike box that I have used to ship my bike all over the country and had in my garage for 3 or more years (Thanks Sarah!)

The race on July 13th is in Bend, OR.   Anyone going to be around to spectate?

It is a down current swim in the Deschutes River!  I looked at times last year and most were right around the 15 minute mark so I would expect to be no more than 25 min!

Then 25 miles of biking (in the beautiful Oregon countryside) with 1500 vertical feet of elevation gain in the first 12.5 miles (and then a loss of 1500 vert feet on the last 12.5!).

The run is a spectator friendly 10K with a single loop along the river path.

It should be great and I'll be posting up, post-race, about how much fun I had!

After that.... no races until Sept 8 here in Colorado.   Half Iron distance - 70.3 miles.  whew.

Ironman Arizona is coming up quickly!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

REAL closing day - June 7th

On June 7th we met up at A-Basin again for some pond skimming, skiing and grilling!  (with a 1 year wedding celebration/mountain bike planned after we were certainly prepared!)

 Yellow mustard again!

 Next to the BBQ!   We didn't make it in time to mountain bike but made it in time to eat and talk with friends!

The first triathlon of the season....

So, months ago when I was planning out my racing season I found this little Friday night sprint length triathlon in early June which worked out well with my Ironman Arizona training plan (did I mention that I'm training for another Ironman?) and that way I could still ski on Saturday and Sunday!  Not knowing if the resorts would remain open or not didn't matter.  It wasn't worth the risk of missing a potential day of skiing to do a race on a Sat or Sun.

Bev was in town after dropping Janet and the kids at the airport for their trip back to Fairbanks after visiting so Tucker dragged her along to spectate.   They were GREAT spectators!!!  The ONLY ones with cowbells!  I felt so important.  :)

The race took 30 seconds longer than I had predicted - probably partially due to snapping my insulin pump tubing (likely on the bike)......  but it was a great race and my first triathlon since Ironman Wisconsin in Sept 2011!

I was a walking HEP advertisement (my coach - Howie Endurance Project)!

Moving on to June....

A-Basin was supposed to close on June 2nd so we went up to close it down and met a new monoskier - Paul!  A type 1 diabetic and a monoskier?  I think that makes us the ONLY 2 type 1 diabetic monoskiers in the US (or I hope!).

We started the day with one monoski laying against the truck.....

 And after a few runs we found some more and invited everyone to grill lunch at the truck....  7 of us in all, I think!

It was a great (non) last day! (We even had yellow mustard!)

 It was fun enough that we all agreed to meet again the following Sunday and do it again (close A-Basin)!

Need to catch up... end of May into the beginning of June. We'll start with May.

End of June - catching up with friends.

We hadn't seen Barb and Todd in quite a while (they were in Mexico celebrating the end of ski season while we were still skiing) but they invited us over for dinner and we had a great time!

They moved since the last time we visited but the sunset was stunning from the deck of the new house!

I even think that Tucker had a good time.