Monday, March 29, 2010

Janet's Cabin

Tucker took Friday off of work and headed into Janet's cabin with SEVENTEEN other people (only 2 of which we knew when the weekend started). It snowed all day Friday and Saturday at the cabin. I was planning on hiking in 'late' on Saturday after Diabetes EXPO. A guy at work was going to go to a different hut with a different group but also hiking in by himself on Saturday so we decided that it wasn't really safe for either of us to do that on our own and joined forces - he went into Janet's with me! It was a fairly easy hike in and the snow was WONDERFUL when we got there! We finally(!) got on the first lift at 3pm (the trailhead is on a ski run at Copper Mountain). We hiked the 3.5 miles in from the ski resort and arrived just in time for dinner (5:45)! Grant, my coworker, hauled in EIGHTEEN BEERS! What was he thinking? It was wonderful to sit, relax and drink a beer when we got in though.
After some chicken curry for dinner with peanut butter cup brownies for dessert we got to work on some Euchre games (cards, for those that don't know).

There were 2 different night ski groups - one at about 10pm and another at 2am. It was a full moon weekend and the 10pm group had clouds while the 2am group said it was bright and fantastic.

The next morning was blueberry pancakes and sausage! Delicious! With bellies full and anxious to get home, Tucker, Grant and I took off! We had beautiful sun and snow and a quick hike up to get in one last run before we left the backcountry fun!

Back to the cars revealed that Karyn had left her headlights on. DEAD BATTERY. We packed the cars while Tucker's jeep did a wonderful job of charging the battery in the Jetta.... about 20 minutes worth. It was really, really dead.

We arrived home and quickly remembered that our fridge had died the previous week - yes, the 3rd one in less than a year - and that without a replacement in sight very soon.... freezer food stashed in fridges at Karyn's work, fridge food delivered to Tucker's parent's condo in Keystone before the hut trip.... we were lacking food.

We decided to head out to dinner! We were seated next to the window and saw a familiar car pull up - our friends Josh and Jen. Their baby, Adey, was with them and we hadn't gotten to meet this 5 week old bundle yet! They joined us at a table and we talked and enjoyed the time out - as I'm SURE they did too! On the walk home we saw familiar faces piling out of another neighbor's house - including an ex-coworker of Karyn's - and ended up joining them for about an hour, talking and laughing.

What a great weekend! So much fun and not many pictures.... maybe next weekend when we hang out with folks from the hut and some of Bev's friends.... stay tuned!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Denver Diabetes EXPO 2010

Saturday, March 27th was Denver Diabetes EXPO. The convention center downtown was filled with vendors, food, free health tests and PEOPLE! It was crazy. I was there volunteering for 2 different groups.

The first is the Red Rider crew for Tour de Cure. You know how at breast cancer events - walks, runs, bike rides, triathalons, etc - and the cancer surviors get to wear pink and they are 'warriors' and recongnized? Tour de Cure is a bicycle event to raise money for the American Diabetes Association for their efforts in finding a cure. Red Riders are the riders on the tour THAT HAVE DIABETES! It is such an amazing feeling - passing other red riders, being passed by other red riders.... knowing that I'm really not alone. This year I have formed a team to raise money for this event - you'll hear more about it later - as I (and Tucker, I hope) ride 100 miles up to Estes Park and back!

The other group I was there to support and rally MORE support for was Team WILD! This year, on Sept 19th, I will complete a HALF IRONMAN with Team WILD - Women Inspiring Life with Diabetes! In fact, I will be posting one of the team's blog postings this week so it's a busy week for me online!

The founder of Team WILD, Mari Ruddy, also founded the Red Rider program. She spoke at Expo on Saturday about WHY she started the Red Rider porgram.... as a breast cancer survivor she really enjoyed the support and admiration that a cancer patient and survivor receives but as she put it 'Cancer SUCKED. But Cancer ENDED. I survived. Diabetes SUCKS but until there's a cure I'm still a diabetic, dealing with it each and every day'.
As Mari likes to say "If you have diabetes, you are a Red Rider!"

I packed up and headed out to meet Tucker and friends at Janet's cabin.... stay tuned for that posting!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A much needed day off

I took Wednesday off to grab a nice day on the slopes. I met up with some work friends at the keystone parking lot. 2 cars paid for parking and brought all the beach supplies!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Car Wash!!!

I know, not that exciting but the weather in Denver has been SO interesting. I bought the car wash on Friday but ran out of time to get it because of our cabin trip. It was snowing when we got home on Sunday evening and misting/foggy when I left for work yesterday. I stopped on the way to work this morning - supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow AND I HAVE THE DAY OFF OF WORK!!!!! Hope to get out for a bicycle ride, lunch with friends and we'll see if I have energy for anything else, at all.

But, the colors this morning brightened up my day - on the windshield and on the sunroof (which I often forget I have cause I never use it!)!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hut Trip 2010

So this is the 10th year that we have done this sort of hut trip.... and by that, I mean, a short or non-existent hike into the cabin/hut plus variable snow conditions and the only real goal for the weekend is to hang out with friends. We usually play games and get out for a quick ski/snowshoe on the Saturday and a small group usually stays for a quick ski tour/snowshoe on Sunday before heading home. This year was the 5th year we have rented a cabin in State Forest State Park.

**looks a tad different in the winter months!**

The 5 years previous we rented one at Brainard Lake. State Forest State Park is up the Poudre Canyon outside of Fort Collins. We had beautiful weather and never did get our group pic with the whole group but here's what was left on Sunday after a quick airport departure by 4 of us.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 days in Florida

What happens when tourists rent your ski condo...

So, my friend was visiting from the DC area and needed to get his skis warm and dry before packing them.... what else would you do with them?

Monday, March 8, 2010

When animals attack

So.... you've heard about our cat 'issues'. Well, Jaspurr is well medicated and we took a week to go to Aspen and Bill got to take care of her - i.e. give her pills. Yeah! Imagine giving a cat pills for a week?!?!?! wow.

Here is a pic of the trip up - after she vomited. again, yeah.

Next, one of Tucker's coworkers brought him LIVE lobsters from Halifax.... Handsome wanted to meet them, okay not so much - but funny for us!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

MonoP 2010 - Aspen, CO

Well, what can I say? It's been a while since we've blogged and there's been many-a-good reason, I'm sure.... First, work. Lots of it! For both of us. But, Tucker was on mandatory overtime for MonoPalooza - in ASPEN. We both bought Aspen 'Classic Passes' available to Colorado residents in the fall. FIVE days for $250. blech. Until I saw our out of state friends pay $516 for 6 days. And I got the extra (6th) day for $49 ($300 for my 6 days)!

Gus and I started the morning with beer and breakfast burritos... to give you an idea of how things go sometimes at MonoP.

If you don't know what Monopalooza is.... Here's a bit of what it is.
(When Karyn blogs, it's pictures. When Tucker blogs, it's words)

Waiting for the bus....

Skiing, after getting the bus...

Having a drink (or two) at lunch, after waiting for the bus and skiing....

Being a TeleGirl with a bunch of Monoskiers - who apparently really don't care that I tele....

Having fun after all the bussing, lunching, drinking and raffle tickets are done!