Tuesday, January 12, 2016

After California there was ..... Pagosa Springs!

We arrived safely home from the trip to Lake Tahoe on Monday afternoon and Karyn went to work on Tuesday.  Wednesday morning we waited patiently for the weather to clear so Tucker could fly us down to Pagosa - Janet, Brad, Kalena and Landon were visiting from Anchorage!

well... the weather never improved enough to fly so we drove down to meet them!   A stop in Buena Vista for lunch and then to Bev's house!

We talked and ate and skied.   And Kalena got strep throat and Landon got sick shortly after that.....    But Kalena was a trooper and 'tried' her hardest to be well enough to ski with us but did not suceed.

New Year's Eve was a Chinese New Year fest!

We drove home on the 1st after breakfast with everyone and prepared for our next adventure.   Stay tuned!