Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What happened to skiing in France?

Remy!  Thanks for picking me up from the train!  And you picked out a great place!  These are some pix on the road between the cabin and the resort.

The 'entrance'
Which way?  Remy glad you know where you are going...
Some great views on the resort...

I didn't thin they still had snowboards here...  But I did expect the 2 monoskiers in the pic.  Not so sure I expected the filmographer capturing me.... Don't forget to notice the cloud pattern...

Andy!  What a nice ski you have!
Power Andy!
Time for the speed skiing!
The time is measured when you cross the orange line.
Greg!  Tuck!
Nice form...  The plan was to have only 1" of the surface of the ski on the ground to reduce drag.
yeah.  Like this guy.
Bas.  Something on the ground would be good!
Derby?  Is that what the call it? 
Monopalooza translation...  Chinese downhill. 
English translation...  Turn?  Why?
The ceremony!
Oops.  we didn't get the video...  Greg takes the credit.  Remy below made it all happen!
Andy...  You packed the van.  Why isn't there enough room?
Can you hold that while I squish this in?

But we made it in!  Thanks Remy for driving.  Nice Viper glasses Greg.  Jorge nice to see you awake.
Still holding on... Don't worry...  Americans take pictures just like everyone else...
Jorge... why doesn't your I-fone speak English?  Well at least Remy is driving...
Isn't that the Pizza place on the left?
Holding strong.  Overcast... Hand knitted hat on the dash...
Almost back to dropping me off on the train...  What are those cool towers?  is that 80s modern?  What the heck does that sign mean?  Nice Orange Van... 
Wait...  what's that in the background?...
WWII or older?  I still have to look this up.  Grenoble...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pix from #7

The first one was here. 

 where did that come from?!?!?!?

How did we end up here?!?!?!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Pix of Skiing in Austria

The first views we got from the airport Innsbruck Austria

 First you ride the not so much 'bullet train'  Then the bus.  You'll see that below.

Some serious avalanche control at Galtur.
At Ishgl Bas broke his ski.
Yes broke!

Crazy Americans.  Good thing I was BEHIND the camera!
There is one in this picture.  Can you pick out who?
While we were there, we thought a stop off in Switzerland was a good idea. 
Watch out for customs on the way back home...
We're just about to head down there...  that is a couple thousand feet of steep blue prepped for the GS.  But there are thousands of skiers on that ice sheet with you!
I made it, and so did some of my friends...
Oh No.  The night skiing!
The Bus.
Where should we go next?
Our Swiss friend took us back to Switzerland for lunch...
Did you know they had heated seats on the chairs in Austria?
Every night there was a repair...  This night my ski had the repair.  Best yet, I got to take pictures while the master worked his magic!
Lots of work...
Whom might we find at our hotel bar???
Now that we're headed home.  (Missing english... I find humor in the signs on the train.)
The English use WC for potty. And they outlaw cell phones.  (well the sign says no, who knows what the law is?!?!>?)