Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blizzard 2016!

Wow,  The forecast for snow was 4-6".

I headed off to attempt to ski, having to take a Tour phone call of 6th and Simms, I got a text from Karyn suggesting we ski in the afternoon.

I headed back home taking almost an hour.  A little shoveling and inside to work.  Then the snow really started coming down.  From 9-11:30 it was snowing 2 and 1/2 inches per hour, by the time Karyn got home at 11, she couldn't tell I had shoveled.

We had all in all about 2 feet!

We took Copper out to check out the snow

 She said "I think I'll go back inside..."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Boomer heading home!

 Boomers trip winds to an end.  He stopped in to ski 10" fresh at Beaver creek and invited me.  Great skiing on the mountain, and great sushi for dinner.
Boomer couldn't end his trip unless he finished the FIREBALL!!!   Now he can go home!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


 Delphine a monoskier I have been exchanging e-mail with for years always seems to miss the event, but visits Aspen the week after.  Karyn and I went out to hang out with some friends.  Faas who lives in the town of Aspen always a great host, and Jason below came out for a few runs!
 And we got to visit with Scott while we were in town.  Great skiing very hot day!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Monopalooza 2016

 The adventure started at the airport when Troy picked us up.  We didn't have quite enough room to fit the ski box in the trunk, so we tied it on top!

A 2 hour drive to the resort we had a lot of time to talk about random things, one of which came up was Elsa, as I went to pay the parking meter I saw two in the resort base area!
 Looks like a great ski rack to me too!

I was out skiing Whistler with the PowderHunter.  We got into some great snow, but ended up with a little hiking.

 The house at MonoP is always active.  There is usually a lot of eating, and we attempt to show video from past years, not too lucky with the TV.  But Joe and Liz sent the license plate with me to represent as you can see they were welcome!
 We had about 40 at the event, lots of new faces, we missed many regulars, but even Rachael showed up for 2 days.  Great times!
 There was even a Monkey in the tram!
 Unfortunately we did have to return home.   This time it was Vancouver Planes/trains/ and boats?  The first leg of public transit to the airport with Gary the Aussie was on a boat.