Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I got to fly with Dan in the skywagon 180

Dan is doing some instrument training, so I got to ride along on a beautiful day.

Too bad he didn't get to see any of this, but he sure was working hard.
The view from the right seat in on the ground in a tail dragger
The neighbor had out his impressive WWII plane
and we're off
The Liberty Media/Starz facility at the end of the runway.  I used to drive by this every day.
There's the old building.  And the stock price was a buck 13 when I checked last week.
Looking south from lone tree.
East.  There isn't much there.
Looking back over down town
a close up.  Can you see our house?


and coming in to land at Centennial.

A great flight and I don't often get to view Denver from this close or this side...

From first harvest to first freeze

We had mixed results from the garden this year.  The zucchini grew up not out like a normal vine.

The cucumber was pretty weak the whole year.

 This was the first harvest, and in the end the only cucumber.  The first freeze was Tuesday 10/28, so I pulled in the rest of the garden.  You see the green tomatoes and the zucchini - litts.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Small Pig Roast

The Small Pig roast was this weekend.  It started out with the birthday boy Bob and the ladies taking jello shots!

Check out this rotisserie rig!

Who made the orange peel jello shots?

We feasted on pork and all the cats got was Duck liver!

It was another great party!

South Dakota Hunting 2014

This year we had another great hunting trip.  We've been at the Rooster Tail Inc for 2 years now. 

The weather was unseasonably warm this trip, we had mid 70s 3 of the days of hunting. 

This year I rented a Cessna 182.  That made the 10-12 hour trip pretty quick at 3.5 hours each way.   Of course some weather to worry about.  We were very lucky, but the last 100 miles inbound we were stuck under a cloud layer 3 and 4000 feet AGL.  On the way home we crossed a frontal system with rain and 3000 AGL cloud layer.