Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike to Work Day 2009!!

okay... so today is the FIRST bike to work day that i have really participated in... before I always drove or rode the train part way. NOT TODAY - all 20.88 miles (and all uphill) I rode! I rode the train and bike home yesterday so I could drive home today - in my NEW-ish Jetta!!!! I love her! I have requested personalized plates and well let y'all know when or if i get 'em!

We leave for Anchorage on Friday to visit the family! Doug will be awaiting us with Gabby and Victoria! We cannot wait to see them - it's been almost 2 years since the last time we were up - due to house construction... argh! It's going to be great fun but there will not be blog updates for a while, probably. Tucker has promised to take his computer so we'll see what happens! STAY TUNED (as i like to say).


Sunday, June 21, 2009

pictures later.....

So, yesterday we set out for Karyn's training ride for the Tour de Cure (for diabetes) in August... Also we were checking out the route for her to ride to work on Wednesday this week - Bike To Work Day - thank your Denver Council Of Regional Governments (Dr. COG)! we went out about 9 miles and headed back - the goal was 18 miles round trip. Tucker asks how many miles we have ridden - I yell back 17.5.... he detours and we arrive at home with 18.5 miles on the trip-o-meter!

Then, we are off to the bank to sign paperwork - on a Saturday! - for Karyn's new-to-her-car - see previous blogs. 2004 Jetta TDI, diesel, manual... bike racks, OMG - compared to the Aspire it's unbelievable!!!!

Back to the house... then walk up to the neighborhood street fair where we run into one of Tucker's ex-coworkers and family.

Then, off to a birthday party for Nicole - who we met in a lift line many years ago.

Then, off to a dinner party at Kristi and Andy's house - college friends. We meet about every 6-8 weeks at someone's house for dinner and fun! We had a great time! Then a stop at Diane and Marty's house for a head cauliflower because they were off on vacation for a week!

Then, up this morning (early - 8:30... hahahahhaahahahahahahah~). Karyn builds (and completes) the 5 foot section of stairs for the deck. The 10 foot section will wait for a few weeks. tucker trims the windows in the upstairs master bedroom so that we can move our bedroom to the air conditioned space! whoo hoo! Karyn fixes a flat in a mountain bike that is on loan - finds out that she thinks she adores it.... oh no!

We discuss ... vacation coming up - a week with Doug and the girls!!!! I cannot wait to kill the fishies! I mean, visit the family and have grown up conversations.

On the other hand... Father's Day reminds me of all my friends that are celebrating their first!!!!

hope that is enough for today - it is for me!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fishing and Rafting

Last weekend...

Friday Walt came to visit! He wanted to go out on the town, so we did! Hit a few cool places. Nothing regular though. 21st floor bar at the new Hyatt, and Illegal Pete's (My favorite Burrito place).

Here's Tucker and Walt!!! He's one of our favorite people - and we met him monoskiing... speaking of, there's a birthday BBQ on Saturday for another monoski friend (also one of our favorite people)!

Saturday I spent the day working... A release coming up and one guy in my group needs A LOT of help!

But then the fun begins! We headed up to Gordo's place in Leadville about 6. (A quick stop at the gas station to fill up... Oops we actually ran out of gas 100 yards before the station and rolled in, but had to push 30 feet to the pump!) I just love how that car handles in the mountains.

We got up pretty early, and headed down to the upper Arkansas. We tried a few places with Dry flies, but Gordo and Harry were raking them in with the hard bait. I didn't even get a strike!

I tried everything, even though we had a small Midge hatch, and later that day an olive Caddis, but neither on my line did any good.

At lunch we headed for Fisherman's Bridge, but not for fishing, we rafted Brown's canyon with a friend of Gordo's. That was a fun time! The water is still REALLY COLD!

After the raft trip we spent a while in old town Salida, dropped by Cody's place (Not home) called Walt, and hung out for a short bit before cruising back to Denver. The traffic isn't crazy yet this time of year on 285.

Sorry no pictures this post. No waterproof cameras!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's TWINS!!!

Back from my appointment and everything checked out well so, I guess... It's TWINS!!!

Tucker's '02 Golf TDI (Silver) will be joined by my (if all works out with the seller) '04 Jetta TDI (Silver). I really wanted a different color so we didn't match so well but it's tough to find a TDI in a manual transmission. Don't worry, the Aspire isn't going anywhere too far - my friend Walt wants to buy her! But, with the Jetta I can carry a bike AND a person (Aspire couldn't do that). My gas mileage should be at least 41 (Aspire 'only' got 36). Jetta can carry two bikes and more people and stuff! Now to get the title and pay the seller!


(sorry to anyone who was hoping it was babies - but it's a 'baby' at our house, we love our toys!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Expecting an addition to this Brown family???

We'll find out at 9am tomorrow after Karyn's appointment! Stay tuned!