Friday, September 5, 2014

We missed the entire month of August??

Well, a quick trip to visit cousins Janet and Doug - along with their significant others and children!

For the first 3 days we spent most of our time in a canoe - Tucker in the back, Karyn at the front and Bev in the center.

This is how it all started -

Then the first canoe tipped over and we lost the eggs.   Then the second canoe tipped over and we lost the beer.   Then a canoe tipped over and we lost almost everything - Tucker, Bev and Karyn had stopped to wait for the crew and had no idea what was going on.   We were at a nice place for lunch....  or dinner.....   We saw some signs of visitors.

 When the rest of the crew arrived - almost everyone had gotten wet.   Doug, Gabby and Victoria were the only ones out of the canoes we got ahead of that stayed dry!  Everyone was cold and exhausted so we just set up camp and called it a day.   A clothesline was in order!

 The next morning we headed out knowing that we had a lot of river to cover to make up for what we didn't get done the first day.   We paddled all day with a train of canoes - each with a visual contact of the one behind them so no one got separated the way we had the day before.   Tucker, Bev and I spotted an island that we thought would work and we started to set up camp again - not many pictures, not sure why.... it was raining the next morning as we headed to the 'get out' spot.

Debbie's mom, wet from a dip in the river before lunch, waits for someone to please build her a fire!  They did, don't worry!

Doug passing on some wise words.......?

Picture of the 'get out'

Fishing on the Kenai with Pete, Doug and Tucker!

Really, it was a trip to see Doug and Debbie get married!

Remodel completed - in 2008? House painted - in 2014

We never really seemed to be able to find the time to get the house painted after we finished 'most' of the remodel. 

Then it turned out that some of the 100+ year old wood on the exterior was rotted.

We hired out the woodwork (including one of the columns on the front porch) and painting and picked some colors (scary because you never know what it's going to 'really' look like when it's done)

Here's a few views of our before and after.

The garage, view from the alley -

The garage, view from the house -

The house, view from the garage -

Front of the house. view from the street -