Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not gonna lie... kitty 'shopping' is tough business

So, while the cat at the animal shelter was on 'next of kin contact' hold....   we went looking....

On the 20th Tucker and I set out to look and not get/find a cat and/or kitties.... but this happened.   A pair.  They had to be adopted together.   They are completely attached at the hip and adorable.   You can look at either one and they instantly start purring.

We have not introduced everyone - Jaspurr and the other two.....

They have watched each other while eating.... with Karyn as a human barrier - not a great idea.

Time will tell but these two will be here for a while.   2 years old and 8.5 months.   So. So. In. Love.

Oh, their names?  The adult female - Mocha, the teenage male - Biscotti.

The quest for a new kitty......

So, it's been sad days at our house with the recent losses of Handsome and Copper.   Only Jaspurr remained.....     A week ago on Monday we found the most perfect kitty - he was in the 'Lost and Found' section except it turns out he wasn't lost or found.   His owner passed away.   He was adorable and lovable and amazing.    A 'normal' lost cat has a 5 day hold.....  this kitty had a 10 day hold while they attempt to contact next of kin.   We fell in love and put down an 'adoption hold' fee to make sure when/if he was adoptable that we got first dibs!   He was brought in on the 8th... we met him on the 9th...   we revisited on the 15th (knowing he would be adoptable on the 19th, at the latest) and he was a little 'different'.   Too much time in a cage?   Not as lovable.  Not as interested in interacting.  Hissing at the cat in the cage next to him that he couldn't see.   We tried to be patient.  I called on the 19th..... they said they had contacted next of kin and they were interested in him so he would be on hold again.  I asked for how long and they said that they didn't know.   What?!?!?!?!

The shelter called on the 22nd to let us know he was available and would be held for us until Saturday at close of business......   BUT.....  we didn't go get him.    next blog, please.

Two days. Two sports. Great times!

Yesterday - Saturday, April 24 - we went biking.....  because it was supposed to be 80 in Denver.

Today?   We skied.  and it snowed and we had a great time with it all!

It's been a while.....

So, the first week in April (on Sunday) we came home from a skiing weekend and Copper had some really strange behavior - hiding, running.....   She is always SO attached to us.

The next day she was okay but walking a little 'wonky'.   Walking a little bit sideways.....

The day after that she was burrowing to get away from us, had no control over her bodily functions, wasn't eating, wasn't drinking.   We made a vet appointment for Wednesday, the next day.

The vet diagnosed her problems as a 'neurological' event....   she was shaking her head from side to side, very slowly and her eyes crossed every time her head crossed the middle of her body to move to the other side.

We had no choice but to euthanize.   For her sake.   This is our third loss in less than a year.

Booger - May 2015, Handsome - March 2016, Copper - April 2016

Ugh.   Sad, sad days at our house.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Zany Sunday

Zany Sunday had some great weather and brought out some great costumes!  We had tons of people show up to ski and grill.