Monday, July 30, 2012

This week's Tour

No, this isn't the big one. This is just a training ride.

We headed up to Portland (first time I've traveled with my full size bike on the plane).

Luckily when we got there we found a bike assembly area.  Portland is a very bike friendly place.  We didn't end up using the assembly area at the airport...

Thanks to Dennis for picking us up at the airport and playing tour guide with us all day Friday.  He and Jen hosted us on some great food and tours.

These pictures are over by the hospital and the tram which connects the lower campus to the upper campus.
 Dennis is having a great time on the tram.  I think was his first tram ride.

 The Vista house near Multnomah Falls:

 Greg...  What's this?  Was your Dad out visiting?  (BMW 2002)

That pretty waterfall...  Wasn't producing much water:
After touring around, Saturday Karyn and I rode.  I took the 100 mile route. 

I didn't get to ride with too many people, but I headed out with the head of the pack, and swapped back and forth for the first 10 miles with about 5 guys.  I dropped back cause I stopped for some water. (I only had one water bottle since I was traveling.)  I caught up to a guy wearing a Coors Native Colorado Jersey, turns out he's not from Colorado.  His name is Joe...  No kidding... Turns out he's training for the IMWI.  We chatted for a bit, he did want to talk about his training, but not with someone that he has to train with...  Turns out he normally trains with the guys I started out with...

After my second stop, I only 1 missed corner...  But that was the biggest climb of the day, only about 3 extra miles.

You can see from the arrows that the off course time was actually the steepest climbing and highest elevation.  I'm going to count this as training for the Copper Triangle coming up next week.

The Max speed on the Garmin connect must have a bug.  The top speed is 38.1 on the device and on the training center App.


My body was hurting a little bit at the 65 mile stop.  So I just grinded in from there.  Several groups passed me but since my average was more like 16 and they were running more like 18-19 I couldn't hold on for long.

I checked in that afternoon with Vineet, one of my interns at WD.  He's doing well at Intel, but misses the Colorado weather.  Once you move out of Colorado, you spend the rest of your life trying to move back...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Training

I was out for an 80 mile.  Still training for the century Tour de Cure Colorado.

Check out my page:
Tucker's Page

Working up to the hundred.  I think some of you know how much stuff you have to carry for a self supported century tour, or even 60-80 miles.  It was a hot day, and I was getting out pretty early, but still 70 degrees when I started.

Luckily I know where a few water holes are on the route.  So I was able to make it with 2 water bottles.

Pretty good stats.

I did get back with some salt on my head...

When I went out I was thinking I was going to get some new trail in...  But when I got there, I realized I had been there before. :(

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today I did something that I haven't done in almost 2 years..... I spectated at a Triathlon instead of racing

We were in Estes Park for Ellie and Bret's wedding and on our way back we stopped by the triathlon I would have been doing if I had not torn my ACL back in March.  It was great fun!   I forget how fun it can be to NOT be a racer!  yay!

We saw Alex, James, Kris and KarenL!  yay (Again)!

summer of weddings!

This summer there have been 3 weddings!  I am so amazed by these couples and the love and commitment they have I can't even describe.  Here are some pics cause you don't want me to get all sappy about love and marriage.....  :)
First - David and Rebecca ---- you've seen them in other blog postings!

Next - Bret and Ellie!!!!

wrestling with Scoopy for the rings tied to his collar!

Olympic Training Center weekend

So, last weekend I took a swim clinic at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  It was great and beautiful and an Olympic pool is overwhelming in size and tourists!  It was really funny to watch people walk up and look in and take pictures of us - thinking we were Olympic hopefuls?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thinking about the century tour in Portland

I was out for a ride today, Karyn talked me out of riding for an hour and stopping back in to ride with her for an hour. "so in that case will you be out for 2 hours rather than 1 if you aren't riding with me?" "yeah probably"

17.5 before I realized it I was at 470, I found an ID on the trail, so I looked up the address...

It wasn't easy navigating my way back there, but I did ride through wash park after, and back on the Cherry Creek Trail.

I haven't decided which view I like better, any preferences?