Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ski Loveland much?

So, for our 5 year anniversary we renewed our vows at Loveland Ski Area and got 2 free tickets to use another time.  Karyn then tore her ACL 3/1 (after the 2/14 renewal) and was able to trade for tickets for this season instead of last.   We used them today!   But look what we found....

We asked some guys up there to take a picture of us with the picture of us!  They were thrilled to meet us - felt a little like celebrities.   

Hoping to be there next Feb to do it again!

Ran into Elizabeth as well as Tracy and Jim.   Good day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stuff the cats eat - take 3

It has been awhile since I've posted on this subject - not that they haven't been eating bizarre items though...

In case you need to look back at other interesting cat meals ----

Here's what I found this morning - they had even started eating the pit.

Spring snow - 2013!

Not the best photos but we got about 13"

Sunday, April 14, 2013

since I have a chance to look at some old pix...

Minimal commentary provided...



 Dude... You move so fast the camera can't get a clean shot of you...

 Dirty Mannequins...

 Full Strength beer needed! 

Closing day at Copper 2013

We knew there was a storm brewing...  We got stuck at a beach party Saturday at the Basin with the wind bringing in the snow...  We landed 13" for closing day at Copper, no friends on a powder day?

At the Keystone parking lot (Closed for the season...)

Dad Joined us until lunch -- he skied more snow off the mountain than most today...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Zany Sunday take 28.

Same as it ever was!

Another great Zany Sunday!  Some great pix to go along with the story...

We started out with some classy Posters at the early morning with a great beach spot with Phyllis and Dad to join us!
 Time for a quick breakfast in the tent!  Always warmer in the tent...
 Some time to fix up the fancy new banner for the tent!  Ooops...

 Time to get a little "Zany"!
 It took 3 to get Dad dudded up...

 Even our next generation was getting Zany with us!

 Karyn got a little purple from her Zany costume!?!?!?
 That didn't slow her down...  change it up!
 hmmm....  the tail?!?!?

 Barb and Todd joined...  Dressing warm?

 It wouldn't be a Zany Sunday with something you didn't expect...  A wedding on the slopes...
Sperry do you recognize anyone here?
 Full Buffet.  Probably more options than what we served, but it couldn't be as good!
 Even we were in our wedding spirit!

Back to Zany!

 It seemed time to warm up... As you can see the weather came in.  (Not something I like to see on a Sunday! I'd much rather see this happen to somebody else'  Friday Beach party!
 We were still in "Zany" spirits!
 but quiet outside...

 Zany is safe Dad!   With some disappointment...

 It got a little crowded in the tent.
 There are very few Zany Sundays that I recall without the hustle to get out in the snow storm...  We did great this year with the heater in the tent!  ~3:30pm breakdown of camp? 
Boom.  We shut this event down in ~15 minutes... Go team!

 Next year... Mike V is bringing the Lav tent!  I believe there is a plan for a multi-chamber tent add on... with chamber Lavs...  Well we'll see what he produces!?!??!

But the balloons went to a great home!  The next Gen! had them tied to the car!
 I didn't have to mention how everyone should be skiing tomorrow with this great pow!

Even Greg joined us?!?!?!

in aura anyway!