Thursday, April 27, 2017

A visit with some friends

Action packed Europe!  We had skied with one of our Monoski friends at Monopalooza 2017, and were talking about our Haute Route trip.  Christoph was very interested, but after some inquiry the guide was not.  Our group was larger than he liked already.

Christoph organized a meeting with another Monoski friend Remy and his wife.  We caught some trains (zug) from Zermatt to Zug where he lives.  After some catching up, we got back on some trains (zug) to Andermatt...  With guess what?

The snow was great, but somebody got tired...

Luckily Remy had a couple cats that we could play with.  Remy says you can only have as many cats as you have hands...  Their cats proved to each need at least 1 hand almost all the time...
On our way back to Geneva, we heard cousin Janet and Kalena were in Zurich.  So we organized a cup of coffee which ended up in a walking tour and some Swiss Chocolate. Yummm.  Of course we stopped by the 

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